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On October 20th, Kambria’s CEO, Dr. Thuc Vu, was invited to present the keynote on Open Innovation Protocols to Accelerate Frontier Technology at the SoCal Data Science Conference. Organized by International Data Engineering and Science Association (IDEAS), the event was full of industry thought leaders, including influencers from several other key categories such as open-source software, machine learning, Fintech, healthcare, data analytics, digital ads/marketing, artificial intelligence, and yes, blockchain and robotics!

SoCal Data Science Conference is a data science learning platform to connect data science enthusiasts. We will demonstrate cutting-edge technology and feature a variety of data science experts covering topics including industry trend, data science application, open-source software, machine learning and many others. This is the must-attend event for anyone that is already in the field or just looking to expand their career network in the Data Science arena. — IDEAS

Dr. Vu sporting his brand in bright green fashion.
The Keynote

Dr. Vu stole the show with his keynote presentation on Kambria’s open innovation platform where he shared with the audience about Kambria’s game-changing vision. Kambria intends to build an extensive developer community to participate in the next breakthroughs in robotics development.

During the keynote, Dr. Vu presented the core of the Kambria platform, which can be described as an open community repository, comprised of a high-level behavior library and modular hardware components.

In late September 2018, Kambria soft-launched the platform. Dr. Vu’s vision includes scaling globally, where developers, businesses, and backers can collaborate in an incentivized token economy to streamline and accelerate the development of these frontier technologies without the bottlenecks and roadblocks that have been plaguing the industry until now.

Kambria will build a robust developer community to tackle the inefficiencies within the robotics industry’s infrastructure
Here are some photos of our table at the SoCal Data Science Conference, where one of our OhmniLabs robots dazzled the crowd. There is nothing like drawing in the crowd with some really interesting gadgets!

Interesting fact: that black Kambria logo (pictured) was 3-D printed in the OhmniLabs production facility in Santa Clara, California, where our lovely robot friend (pictured below) was produced.

#DreamIt #MakeIt #Kambria
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Kambria is the first blockchain project to build an open innovation platform for frontier technology. We are focusing first on the AI and Robotics vertical with the backing of our well-established robotics company, OhmniLabs. Through existing partnerships with top universities and large international corporations, as well as access to talented developers, we aim to build an ecosystem that can bring the next wave of frontier technology to provide value to billions of people around the world. Kambria - Accelerating Frontier Technology

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