Kambria is calling for all Kambrians who are passionate for community sharing and building to join us in Kambria Ambassador Program.
Let’s kick start your journey and get your rewards of becoming Whale, Lion, Eagle KAMBASSADOR.
Check out the link for more details:

Kambria Ambassadors are all our friends and closest allies. They are loyal, passionate Kambrians who can support the Kambria Ecosystem in various ways, such as promoting Kambria products/bounties/Event, sharing or collecting feedback to improve Kambria offerings, and assisting Kambria’s users with questions and concerns. 

As a Kambria Ambassador

You are key to the growth of our online and offline community. Whether you are a social butterfly, a product guru, a language expert or just enjoy connecting with others online, we have a mission for you:


Engagement is at the heart of everything we do. Inspire engagement through conversations, articles, campaigns, and events – Nurture and grow the Community, one user at a time.


Sharing knowledge and creating brand affinity. As an Ambassador, you will also direct people to resources that increase Kambria brand awareness.

Provide local insights

Actively listen and share real time trends and insights from your regional community to help Kambria be locally relevant.

Educate and Empower

Foster and shape Kambria presence in local markets by sharing best practices with our users that will help drive brand awareness and inspire community engagement.

How to become KAMBASSADOR

Wish you all the best of luck!

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A community person who is passionate about new technology adoption.

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