We are excited to bring you the details for Quiz 02 of the Kambria Code Challenge! Quiz 02 focuses on the AI topic: “Convolutional Neural Network,” and takes place on Saturday, February 29th, 2020. Be sure to read the details below, and click Join This Challenge” to participate.

Kambria Code Challenge – Quiz 02 – Convolutional Neural Network: http://bit.ly/KambriaQuiz02

Kambria Code Challenge Prizes:

🔹Winner Prize: $150

🔹1st Runner-Up Prize: $100

🔹2 x 2nd Runner-Up Prize: $50

Prizes are paid 50% in USDT (or in VND if you are in Vietnam), and 50% in KAT token.

Remember, Kambria Code Challenges is a series of online quizzes. The final quiz (Quiz 04) will have will have the largest grand prize, but will require participants to take at least 2 quizzes to join.

In addition, top-scoring developers will have an opportunity to have their resume and profile sent to Kambria’s corporate partners for career opportunities.

✨Rewards for early participants!

We are giving awards to the first 150 early participants who register for the Quiz 02 of Kambria Code Challenge.

Award Structure:

🥇 10,000 KAT token to the first 20 registrations

🥈 5,000 KAT token to the next 30 registrations

🥉 2,000 KAT token to the next 100 registrations


Participants must take the Convolutional Neural Network quiz and earn at least 25% of the total scores in order to earn rewards.

  1. Click “Join This Challenge”
  2. Complete your profile page
  3. Take Kambria Code Challenge – Quiz 02

KAT is a token used on the Kambria Platform: The world’s first blockchain-empowered, open-source robotics and AI ecosystem.

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