Dear Kambrians, It’s time for one of our favorite posts — a summary of tech development updates to our Kambria platform from our developers. We’ve made a great deal of progress in the past month including using our Bounty Mechanism in a Dapp development hackathon; completing the community edition of the Kambria wallet; completing a proof of concept for Karma Distribution; and making updates to our platform and website. Keep on reading for all of the details!

Bounty Mechanism for Tomochain Hackathon

This past weekend, developers in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam utilized the Kambria platform while participating in the Building Blockchain Dapps with Tomochain, Powered by Kambria hackathon. Hackathons are an important part of our strategy to build a strong developer community as outlined in our Business Model Master Plan.

As part of the Tomochain hackathon, our bounty mechanism allowed the 68 registered participants across 9 teams to:

  1. Sign up for the hackathon either via email address or using sign up/sign in with Facebook
  2. Add and remove team members as necessary
  3. Submit their codes through the platform
  4. Have their submission reviewed by our 6 judges

Kambria platform development image

In total, 9 Dapps were developed through the hackathon including a Certification Dapp with 4 prizes being awarded. Congratulations to all of our winners! This first major use of the Kambria bounty mechanism was certainly a success. We look forward to sparking more innovation and creativity in our Vietnam AI Grand Challenge hackathons series starting later this month.

Community Edition of Kambria Wallet

We have completed and are ready to release the community edition of the Kambria Wallet. This will allow Dapp developers to easily configure and implement their web-based wallet to interact with their token on-chain. Before publishing in github, we will prepare a tutorial and documentation so please stay tuned!

KDNA Technical Paper and Proof of Concept

Since our last updates, our tech team published the technical paper, KDNA and its application in Karma Distribution. Kambria’s development team just completed its most recent technical paper. Authored by Fullstack Team Leader, Phong Vu, the paper discusses how Karma will be distributed based on source code contributions to KDNA. KDNA is the Kambria platform’s semantically rich module management and build system. It crosses hardware, firmware, software, electrical, and mechanical boundaries to directly specify all components and subcomponents of a built robot.

And our developers are off and running with the new application. They have already started to research and implement a proof of concept for Karma Distribution based on KDNA.

Web Updates

In terms of our website and platform, our platform was updated to include the Tomochain Dapp hackathon details with a custom theme for off-chain hackathons. We also built out a new theme for the Kambria blog. Have you checked it out yet? It’s beautiful! Our content creation team is busy drafting new articles for your reading pleasure to be sure to keep an eye out on our blog for new installments.

As always, we love hearing from you so please contact us via one of the Telegram channels linked below.

The Kambria Team


KAT is a token used on the Kambria platform.

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