It is our great pleasure to announce that Kambria has taken home yet another award! We are thrilled to bring you this news as we continue to grow and develop into a mature robotics and AI development company. This week, Kambria was named the Best Innovation in Robotics for our Open Innovation Platform at the 2019 DEVIES Awards! The 2019 DEVIES Awards recognize technical innovation, adoption, and reception in the developer technology industry and by the developer community.

The DEVIES Awards are the only awards recognizing excellence in developer tools, products, and technology, with the DEVIES Awards Ceremony taking place during DeveloperWeek 2019, the world’s largest developer and engineering conference and expo with over 8,000 attendees.

The 2019 DEVIES Awards received hundreds of nominations, and our developer technology was selected as a DEVIES Award winner based on three criteria:

(1) attracted attention, awareness, and adoption;

(2) general well-regard by the developer, engineering & IT community; and

(3) a leader in its sector for innovation.

“Developer technologies and tools are massively growing in their importance to a business’ operations. Kambria is a great example of the new era of products and services empowering developers and engineers to have a greater impact on a company’s bottom line.” ~ Geoff Domoracki, CEO of DevNetwork, the producer of DeveloperWeek.

Kambria will receive its award at the 2019 DEVIES Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, February 20th, 2019.

If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, please join us at DeveloperWeek 2019 on Thursday and Friday, February 21st and 22nd with a free EXPO Pass sponsored by DeveloperWeek! There will be tons to check out including hackathons, a hiring expo, a series of workshops, open houses, and events all across San Francisco. Click here to learn more about DeveloperWeek.

As Kambria transitions into our next phase of development, we have an open call to roboticists, developers, and innovators who wish to build new technologies. We are creating a full spectrum of development tools that will lead the next wave of development in the space, and we are hosting a variety of different programs to not only incentivize growth but to catapult true innovation on the heels of open-source collaboration.

Let’s see what we can build together!

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KAT is a token used on the Kambria platform.

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Kambria is the first blockchain project to build an open innovation platform for frontier technology. We are focusing first on the AI and Robotics vertical with the backing of our well-established robotics company, OhmniLabs. Through existing partnerships with top universities and large international corporations, as well as access to talented developers, we aim to build an ecosystem that can bring the next wave of frontier technology to provide value to billions of people around the world. Kambria - Accelerating Frontier Technology

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