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Kambria Community, the time has come to announce the winners for the #KambriaContentChallenge Quiz 01! Thank you to everyone who supported our first educational quiz based on our Learn, Practice, Prove, and Earn Rewards initiatives. For more information on these initiatives, be sure to check out the Kambria 2020 Roadmap. With 233 participants, our first

Kambria Progress Report -- January 2020, Part 1

Greetings, Kambrians! As outlined in the Kambria Roadmap: 2020, we are starting the new year with a strong focus on community growth and development. We have already made great progress in growing Kambria’s reach and developer community worldwide.  In case you missed it, Kambria will soon open an office in China! Kambria was selected as

Kambria Partners with Hangzhou Government China

It is our pleasure to announce that Kambria has been selected as one of the “Canal Elite” talent programs and will partner with the Hangzhou government in China to accelerate technology development in the region. The city of Hangzhou has developed a large ecosystem to promote entrepreneurship and attract international talent. Kambria is establishing an

Kambria Progress Report -- January 2020, Part 1

Dear Kambria Community,  Kambria Code Challenge is the newest campaign we are launching for our developer community. Today, we will cover how to register and take advantage of the tools available on the Kambria platform. To join Kambria Code Challenge, you need to follow these steps: Click to this link: Click “Join This Challenge”

As part of the VietAI Summit 2019, Dr. Thang Luong gave a presentation about the advances in semi-supervised learning, and how to train AI with little labeled data. Advances in Semi-Supervised Learning – How to Train AI with Little Labeled Data presentation with Dr. Thang Luong, Research Scientist, Google Brain Abstract: Despite much success, deep

Kambria Progress Report -- January 2020, Part 1

We hope you all had a great holiday season. As outlined in the Kambria Roadmap: 2020, we are starting off the new year with a strong focus in community growth and development. Along with our highly anticipated education platform, we are also launching our “learn, practice, prove, and earn rewards” initiatives, and so, we are

Great news! This week we released our tentative token disablement schedule. On Monday, December 23rd at 8PM PST (UTC-8), we will send 100 million KAT tokens to a burn address where they will be permanently disabled and no longer part of our supply. This marks the first of a total of 1.2 billion KAT to

As part of the VietAI Summit 2019, Dr. Truyen Tran gave a presentation about how modern AI can be used for drug discovery.  Modern AI for Drug Discovery Dr. Truyen Tran – Associate Professor of Artificial Intelligence at Deakin University Abstract: Powered by deep learning, modern AI has enjoyed great successes in cognitive domains such

VietAI Summit AI-Generated Pop Music

Music and artificial intelligence don’t really go together. Or do they? As part of the VietAI Summit 2019, Bao-Dai, NLP Research Scientist at Knorex and Senior Lecturer at VietAI, introduced the audience to a tool used by artists writing new songs. As a musician, Bao-Dai is very interested in music generation using AI and shares

Kambria Progress Report -- December 2019, Part 2 Token Disablement

Greetings Kambria Community, our Kambria token disablement update is here! It is with great pleasure that we announce our tentative token disablement schedule. On Monday December 23rd at 8PM PST (UTC-8), we will send 100 million KAT tokens to a burn address, where they will be permanently disabled and no longer considered a part of

VietAI Summit The Case for AI Research in Vietnam

At the VietAI Summit 2019, Dr. Hung Bui, Director of VinAI Research, discussed the development of AI in Vietnam. VinAI Research is the first AI research lab in Vietnam to focus on fundamental AI research. In his presentation, Dr. Bui shared how VinAI can conduct high-impact research that pushes the boundary of frontier technology to accelerate

AI for ophthalmology VietAI Summit

As part of the VietAI Summit 2019, Hoa Nguyen gave a presentation about an AI-Assisted Diagnosis System in Ophthalmology, which was developed due to current challenges faced by ophthalmologists, nurses, and patients.  The first challenge in diagnosis is asking the right questions. Unfortunately, young doctors often lack experience and aren’t prepared for the patient interview.

Kambria Progress Report -- December 2019, Part 2

As part of the VietAI Summit 2019, Hung Truong, CEO of VinBrain, gave a presentation about the challenges and solution to infusing AI into radiology and medical diagnostics. The mission of VinBrain is to infuse AI into medicine and medical image diagnostics. In this talk, we will purposely share to audience challenges in this problem

Kambria Progress Report -- December Part 1

With several major events, platform releases, and hackathons, it has certainly been a busy year! And now the time has come to release our updated plans for 2020. Let’s take a look at what we’ve accomplished, where we are currently, and what we expect to build in our Kambria roadmap for 2020.  👉 1.2 billion

AI and Robotics: A New Playing Ground for Vietnamese Young Talents

As part of the VietAI Summit 2019, Dr. Thuc Vu gave a presentation discussing the goals and success of Kambria’s recent hackathon series, the Vietnam AI Grand challenge. In conjunction with the Vietnamese government, well-known organizations such as McKinsey, VietAI, and the Vietnam Innovation Network, Kambria delivered Vietnam AI Grand Challenge, a series of hackathons

VietAI Detection and Classification of Cancer

As part of the VietAI Summit 2019, Dr. Hien Pham gave a presentation about the Detection and Classification of Cancer Utilizing Deep Neural Networks. Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, especially in low-to-mid income countries like Vietnam. Yet our cancer prognosis process is still inaccurate due to many factors. Dr. Pham’s work proposes

VietAI Large Scale Speech Transcription & Face Swapping

As part of VietAI Summit 2019, Dr. Truong Do, CTO of VAIS, gave a presentation about how AI can be applied in Large Scale Speech Transcription & Face Swapping. Dr. Do introduced three core AI core engines — Speech Recognition, Computer Vision, and NLP — and discussed the combination of all of them to create

We often get the question, “What is your relationship with OhmniLabs?” To answer this question, we are going to take a “deep dive” into what OhmniLabs is, why it was created, and how it relates to the Kambria Platform. As we prepare to launch additional functionality for our platform, we will cover in great detail

vu duy thuc ohmnilabs kambria

Dear Kambria Community,  I’m reaching out today from Kambria’s Silicon Valley office to address the current state of our project. As the KAT price indicates, we have had a rough few months. For various reasons, including market sentiment and an unexpected divestment by one of our biggest backers, we have experienced a significant decline in

Kambria Roadmap Graphic

Greetings Kambrians, with several major events, platform releases, and hackathons, it has certainly been a busy year! And now the time has come to release our updated plans for 2020. As always, we’d like to thank our community for your support, and we look forward to working with you over the years to come. Let’s

Kambria Progress Report -- November 2019, Part 2

We’ve got great news! Kambria’s sister company, OhmniLabs, is hiring senior engineers to join the team in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 👉 Enjoy a competitive salary 👉 Great health benefits, including health/life/disability insurance 👉 14 days paid vacation 👉 Company laptop 👉 Healthy work environment 👉 Many other great benefits! Join the fastest growing

Vietnamese Data Augmentation by Backtranslation - VietAI Summit 2019

At the VietAI Summit 2019, Thang Le from the VietAI team, discussed data augmentation and the concept of the backtranslation. He also discussed how to apply this technique in translation from English to Vietnamese.  In machine learning, we have a dataset and mathematical models. Generally, one tries to optimize the machine learning model by fitting

Toyota, Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Mobility Dr. James J. Kuffner

At the VietAI Summit 2019, Dr. James J. Kuffner gave an insightful presentation about Toyota and artificial intelligence entitled “Toyota and the Future of Mobility.” In the history of human culture, people have been building, moving, and communicating. As technology rapidly developed, especially in recent decades, Toyota has been contributing to the transportation sectors, allowing

Talkshow "AI - Blockchain And Startup Story": Meet 4 Vietnam Tech Startup Founders & Learn Great Inspiring Lessons

On November 1st, 2019, Van Lang University students met four famous technology founders at the event  “Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Blockchain – Technology Entrepreneurship Lessons.” Dr. Vu Duy Thuc (Founder, CEO of Kambria), Dr. Luu The Loi (Founder, CEO of Kyber Network), MSc. Van Dinh Hong Vu (Founder & CEO of Elsa Speak) and MSc.

How to Detect Fake News Before It’s Even Written

As part of the VietAI Summit 2019, Dr. Preslav Nakov gave a presentation about how AI can be used to detect fake news — before it’s even written.  Given the recent proliferation of disinformation online, there has been growing research interest in automatically debunking rumors, false claims, and “fake news”. A number of fact-checking initiatives

Kambria Progress Report -- November 2019, Part 1

VietAI Summit 2019 — A Huge Success! The VietAI Summit 2019 attracted some of the world’s brightest minds in AI and robotics to take the stage and discuss the future of technology, and how Vietnam can utilize AI to catapult the country into the next industrial revolution.  More than 450 people attended VietAI 2019 Summit


Deep learning is a powerful tool when applied to robotics. This article discusses how OhmniLabs uses deep learning for autodocking calibration in its telepresence robot. The Ohmni robot has the capability of finding its docking station and moving to that station for recharging. Calibration between the camera image and the robot coordinates in the real

VietAI Summit 2019

Kambrians, you asked, we answered! After careful consideration, we have decided to disable nearly 33% of the supply of KAT. This event is unprecedented, and the supply will originate completely from Kambria’s portion (we know, that IS huge!).  Beginning December 1st, we will begin to permanently disable a total of 1.2 billion KAT from both

Robot Platform Use Cases: Innovative Robots from Around the World

Robot development platforms have boosted the projects and experiments around robotics. Many companies, individuals and conglomerates are now leveraging robot platform use cases to create robots for so…

Kambria token (KAT) supply update

Kambrians, the time is here. Thank you for being patient as we work together with our community to build and encourage a healthy community of token holders, developers, enthusiasts, and enterprise companies – united in a single goal: to #BUIDL. We are ready to share with you the next phase for the Kambria Token (KAT)

The Benefits of Human-Scale Robots

Các chuyên gia nghiên cứu đã phát triển rất nhiều mẫu thiết kế mới đối với các loại robot. Tuy nhiên, các dạng robot hình người vẫn là lựa chọn khá phổ biến. Robot hình người sẽ có hình dạng và chiều cao tương đương với 1 người bình thường. Vì sao loại thiết kế

The Benefits of Human-Scale Robots

In the field of robotics, there are functionally endless possibilities for robot design. Yet many robots tend to fall into a few different categories, with human-scale robots being a common choice. Human-scale robots are approximately the same size, and sometimes the same shape, as humans, and they are some of the most popular robot design

Kambria Progress Report October 2019 Part `

VIETAI SUMMIT RETURNS FOR 2019 On November 2nd, Kambria will join forces with VietAI for the annual VietAI Summit 2019. This year’s event focuses on “AI for the Future,” exploring the most recent developments in AI across multiple disciplines like biomedicine, robotics, and media. The event will feature more than 20 esteemed speakers from prominent

Welcome to VietAI Summit 2019! Kambria and VietAI are excited to sponsor this second annual event to further education and collaboration in Vietnam in the fields of artificial intelligence and robotics.  Our goal is to make the Summit both informative and fun. Below are a few activities that you can participate in and win prizes.

Careers in Artificial Intelligence: Top Five Current Professions

97.2% That is the calculated percentage of firms and companies that are now investing in Big Data and AI, according to a report submitted by NewVantage Partners in 2018. This overwhelmingly huge statistic proves to us, beyond any shred of doubt, just how game-changing digital information and AI had become over the last few decades. Any

Kambria Token Security Tutorial

Greetings Kambrians! We are launching a new series for our token holder community. Because security and our community are very important to us, each week we will release a new article that covers “best practices” for keeping your tokens and accounts safe. For today’s security “best practices,” we will cover password security — what it

Kambria Progress Report -- September 2019, Part 2

Development Update The Kambria platform, the heart of our entire project, has new features!  For starters, our team has completed a proof of concept to integrate the codebase with the GIT source control system. The primary function of GIT is to maintain the code open for KAT holders and track usage of the code. Developers

Open Innovation Hub Best Practices: Successful Model Around the World

Open Innovation Hubs là các trung tâm đổi mới sáng tạo (ĐMST) mở, là công cụ mạnh mẽ để các công ty thúc đẩy sự đổi mới và khuyến khích tạo ra các sản phẩm, công nghệ mới và thậm chí tạo nên các doanh nghiệp hoàn toàn mới. Tính chất mở của các trung

Open Innovation Hub Best Practices

Open Innovation Hubs are emerging and powerful tools for companies to spur innovation and encourage the creation of new products, technologies, and even entirely new businesses. While open innovation hubs are powerful tools, their open, free-form nature can be confusing. Let’s take a close look at open innovation hub best practices in order to better

token holder update

Greetings Kambria Community, it is time for a token holder community update. As we have alluded to in the past, we have been working on our next major community event. It is almost time to share with you what we have been working on! The details are being finalized, and we will have an additional

Telepresence Robot Market Report Recap

The market for telepresence robots is expanding around the globe. Recent reports on the state of the global telepresence robot market found that over the next 6 years, the market value of telepresence robots is predicted to almost triple. This article recaps relevant telepresence robot market reports and highlights current trends. The market value of

Progress Report September 2019 Part 1

Kambrians, September is off to a great start! Last week we hosted special guests from the Vietnam National Innovation Center. The Minister of Planning and Investment and his top officials toured Kambria’s Silicon Valley office as part of an initiative to build a National Innovation Center (NIC) for Vietnam. NIC headquarters will be in Hoa

MOOCs for AI: Empowering Individual Learning and Mastery

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) là các mô hình học tập trực tuyến dành cho đại chúng. Bạn có thể đã tiếp xúc với mô hình học tập MOOC qua các khoá học tại Coursera hay Edx. MOOC và công nghệ AI đang trở thành nguồn cảm hứng mới dành cho bất kỳ kỹ sư

MOOCs for AI: Empowering Individual Learning and Mastery

AI is transforming industries and Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are transforming education. Together the two are a very powerful combination that any aspiring engineer or developer can leverage to skyrocket his or her career. The speed of technological development means change will come much sooner than expected. Are you ready? Keep reading to learn more

Greetings Kambria! Recently, we have received a lot of requests on how to swap your ERC20 KAT to KAT-7BB. We have created an automated KAT Token Swap and integrated several popular wallets, but we understand and respect our community’s right to use whichever wallet they are most comfortable with, so we have implemented the ability

Mr. Nguyen Chi Dung, Vietnam’s Minister of Planning and Investment, and Dr. Thuc Vu, 越南, 国家, 创新

Chủ nhật, ngày 8 tháng 9 năm 2019, ông Nguyễn Chí Dũng, Bộ trưởng Bộ Kế hoạch và Đầu tư Việt Nam cùng các quan chức cấp cao đã ghé thăm văn phòng Kambria tại Silicon Valley. Chuyến thăm là một phần của sáng kiến xây dựng Trung tâm đổi mới quốc gia (National Innovation

Mr. Nguyen Chi Dung, Vietnam’s Minister of Planning and Investment, and Dr. Thuc Vu, 越南, 国家, 创新

On Sunday, September 8th, 2019, Mr. Nguyen Chi Dung, Vietnam’s Minister of Planning and Investment, and his top officials visited Kambria’s Silicon Valley office. The visit is part of an initiative to build a National Innovation Center (NIC) for Vietnam. NIC headquarters will be in Hoa Lac, near Ha Noi, Vietnam and its multiple branches

OhmniLabs Robot Development Platform

Robot development platforms are bringing big changes to the robotics field, enabling more people to use robotics devices for a wider array of applications. There are many different robotics development platforms out there, including OhmniLabs’ own robot development platform. Let’s delve into various robot development platforms and examine their differences, benefits and use cases, before taking a look

Last Friday, we had the great pleasure to join Krypto Sherlock Club for another exclusive AMA. We joined the Russian community for a 1.5 hour long ask-me-anything, where nearly 2,000 members of the community had an opportunity to learn more about Kambria, ask questions to our CEO, Dr. Thuc Vu, and our community manager William

Kambria Progress Report -- August 2019, Part 2

Is it just us or has the summer flown by? Here’s the second installment of our August Progress Report which highlights our latest Dev Updates, recent AMAs with Thuc Vu, and a new article about how companies can leverage online learning for corporate training. AUGUST DEVELOPMENT UPDATE This week we published our Development Update, which

How I Manage: Kambria CEO and Tech Entrepreneur Thuc Vu

Greetings Kambrians! We have been quite busy recently with events, so we are happy to share with you a recap from our most recent AMA . Kambria CEO and co-founder Thuc Vu and Community Manager William Ryan joined CryptoDiffer on Friday August 23rd, 2019 for an exclusive ask-me-anything with their community of over 10,000 active

Kambria Development Update -- August 2019

It’s our favorite time of the month — time to feature the technical progress we’ve made on the Kambria platform, the heart of our blockchain ecosystem. Since our last update, we have implemented the Global Innovation Fund proposal submission mechanism, created the token bonus swap mechanism, updated the KAT Wallet, and published new bounty pages

How Online Learning With MOOCs Can Benefit Companies

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have the potential to provide powerful and transformative benefits for many different companies. MOOCs can make training substantially easier and more efficient by providing a massive amount of people with a standardized, easy to access platform that will help them enhance their skills. Despite the usefulness of MOOCs when training

We’d like to thank those who joined the AMA between Kambria CEO and co-founder, Thuc Vu, and Binance DEX on August 21st, 2019! Your enthusiasm to join our AMA was refreshing! Thank you for showing your support for us. It motivates our team to deliver our ultimate vision and goals. In case you missed it,

Vietnam AI Grand Challenge Recap

On August 16, 2019, Kambria and its partners hosted the Vietnam AI Grand Challenge Hackathon Grand Finale, a 40-hour AI developer competition held at Hanoi University of Science and Technology. This event was a culmination of four months of education, mentoring and organization by Kambria and its co-hosts after a three-city series of qualifiers in

What are ERC 223, 721, 777, 1155?

“ERC? Do you mean ERC-20? Isn’t that the Ethereum Token? I think I know that… ” “But what about ERC-223,721,777,1155?” Why is ERC so Important? Before we get to ERC plus a bunch of numbers, let’s talk about why the token standard is so important. There is a saying in the blockchain world that says, “fat

Kambria Bonus Token Swap

Các Kambrians thân mến! Chúng tôi có tin vui dành cho bạn. Kể từ hôm nay, bạn sẽ được nhận thêm 10% khi swap KAT Token ERC20 KAT sang BEP2 KAT-7BB. Khi swap KAT token, các bạn cũng nhận thêm nhiều dịch vụ từ Binance Chain bao gồm quyền giao dịch trên sàn phi tập

Kambria Development Update -- August 2019

Greetings Kambrians! We hope this finds you well. We are excited to share with our community our strategies moving forward. When the community provides feedback to us, whether it be positive or otherwise, we consider it to be invaluable. The community is the heartbeat of any project in this space, and we would like to

grand finale, awards, vietnam ai grand challenge

Ngày 16/8, Chung kết Hackathon Vietnam AI Grand Challenge 2019 đã diễn ra tại Đại học Bách Khoa Hà Nội. Sau 4 tháng tổ chức loạt vòng loại, 12 đội thi tranh tài tại chung kết Grand Finale là đại diện xuất sắc nhất từ 3 khu vực TP HCM, Đà Nẵng, Hà Nội. Chung

Kambria Progress Report August 2019 Part I

VIETNAM AI GRAND CHALLENGE 2019 What an incredible couple of weeks we’ve had here at Kambria with the culmination of the Vietnam AI Grand Challenge. After months of preparation, execution, mentoring and collaboration, Kambria hosted the Grand Finale of the Vietnam AI Grand Challenge at the Hanoi University of Science and Technology this week! A total

亲爱的社区成员,我们很高兴能与你们分享我们最新的动态。最近这段时间我们接收到很多正面以及负面的反馈,这些建议对我们来说都是珍贵的并且能够很好地指引我们继续前进。我们要感谢您一直以来的支持。尽管区块链项目在过去一年中经历了极大的波动,但我们仍然孜孜不倦地追求共同建设的目标#BUIDL,并为大家带来世界上最全面的硬件和软件开发平台。 给与10% 的额外代币转换奖励 为了增强Binance Chain和…

AI for Education Kambria

Year over year, fewer students are enrolling in college. Since 2011, the number of graduates and undergraduates entering degree-awarding institutions has decreased by 9%. “Colleges and universities in many regions continue to struggle from the combined effects of a strong job market and smaller numbers of high school graduates,” said Doug Shapiro, Executive Director of

Kambria -- The 7 Most Pressing Ethical Issues in Artificial Intelligence

From 1927 to 2019 there have been more than 100 films produced worldwide about artificial intelligence. And while some scenarios are depicted in a good light, the rest are downright horrific. In movies such as The Terminator, The Matrix, Avengers: Age of Ultron and many others, the movie industry placed into our shared imagination scenes

three types of AI

In the technology age, we are seeing dramatic shifts in the way companies run their businesses. Never before have we witnessed such incredible leaps forward, and with a rapidly evolving technological landscape, it is now as important as ever to stay on the bleeding edge. Among these technologies, artificial intelligence (AI), or “cognitive technologies,” are

AI for Retail: Benefits and Use Cases

AI for retail is a concept that can be easily understood superficially. After all, artificial intelligence is pretty much an absolute necessity nowadays, whether its simple inventory management or complex customer service automation. However, many companies and business establishments have not yet leveraged this powerful AI technology tool. In fact, fully realizing its potential in

The Transformative Power of AI for Banking

Artificial intelligence has the power to transform how banks operate. AI can change how banks do everything from interacting with customers to ensuring regulatory compliance.  Yet despite the fact that AI holds massive potential benefits for banks, use of AI also comes with its share of challenges. It’s important to be aware of both the

Vote for Grand Finalist Team

Last week, our community actively participated in the Vietnam AI Grand Challenge by casting votes for their favorite teams. The 12 Grand Finalist Teams still competing will be invited to the Kambria AI Incubation Program, where they will be mentored for one month by experienced AI professionals to develop their projects for the Grand Finale. 

These 5 Open Systems are Wildly Successful

As the world moves towards “the fourth industrial revolution”, the emergence of open innovation has become of increasing importance. Traditionally, organizations have relied on internal R&D resources and human capital to produce innovative products and services. While this traditional form has resulted in a significant amount of groundbreaking and life-altering technology, modern-day innovation has moved

Hello Kambrians! We’re back with another educational tutorial to assist community members who have been asking how to view your KAT directly in your MetaMask Wallet. If you have not already created a MetaMask Wallet, and would like to create one, please refer to this tutorial.  You can send your KAT to the same Ethereum


KAT NOW TRADING ON BINANCE DEX As of July 24th, the KAT/BNB trading pair tradeable on Binance DEX, the largest decentralized trading platform in the world! By expanding the Kambria blockchain to include both ERC20 and BEP2 tokens, we achieve increased decentralization and interoperability, taking advantage of the many benefits of utilizing the Binance Chain

Intellectual Property Open Systems

Have you heard of The Fourth Industrial Revolution? We like to refer to this new era a lot here at Kambria because it nicely incorporates the challenges and goals we’re seeing regarding the pace and form of innovation. If the Third Industrial Revolution ushered in the digital age and transformed how we work, live and

Ví MetaMask là loại ví tiền điện tử rất phổ biến, hỗ trợ lưu trữ nhiều loại token ERC20 khác nhau. Tuy nhiên, loại ví này không hiển thị mã token KAT của Kambria khi bạn mới cài đặt ví. Kambria sẽ hướng dẫn bạn thêm mã token KAT, bạn hãy xem hướng dẫn trong

Quick Dive into Machine Learning

Machine learning is one of the most influential and rapidly growing fields in all of computer technology. If you’re interested in getting into machine learning, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the basic concepts relevant to the field, like algorithms, variables, and different types of model analysis. While there is much more to learn than

Thân gửi các Kambrian, Kambria trân trọng thông báo việc niêm yết KAT Token trên sàn giao dịch phi tập trung Binance DEX. Cặp giao dịch đầu tiên trên sàn Binance DEX là cặp KAT / BNB. Giao dịch sẽ được bắt đầu kể từ ngày 24 tháng 7 lúc 7:00 tối theo giờ PDT

Dear KAT Community, It is our great pleasure to announce that KAT will be available for trading on Binance DEX using the KAT/BNB trading pair starting July 24th at 7 pm PDT! We would like to thank both Binance and the community for their support during this process. Official Binance Forum Announcement Our new relationship

Kambria Content Challenge 2019

As part of our recent website refresh, both the Kambria website and Kambria open innovation platform will be filled with exciting, new content and we’d love your help creating it! To that end, we’ve developed a fun Content Challenge to reward community members who submit quality articles and then share them on social media to

Confused About The Confusion Matrix? Learn All About It

The confusion matrix is one of the most powerful tools for predictive analysis in machine learning. A confusion matrix gives you information about how your machine classifier has performed, pitting properly classified examples against misclassified examples. Let’s take a look at how to interpret a confusion matrix and how a confusion matrix can be implemented

Vietnam AI Grand Challenge Community Voting Begins!

Dear Kambrians! After weeks of hosting educational workshops and hackathons for the Vietnam AI Grand Challenge, we are excited to launch the Community Voting portion of the Challenge.  This is your chance to participate in shaping the outcome of the Challenge and to support all of the amazing teams competing to create the Ultimate AI

Danang Hackathon All Winners

With all three preliminary hackathon events now closed, we’d like to congratulate all of the winners from the Vietnam AI Grand Challenge! The events took place across three cities in Vietnam, with a total number of 187 teams registered. Each event was a true display of good sportsmanship, incredibly difficult competition, and uniquely innovative ideas.

Vietnam AI Grand Challenge team Tech Fam wins the Vietnam AI Grand Challenge in Danang. The second hackathon in the Vietnam AI Grand Challenge series took place from July 5th through the 7th at Duy Tan University in Danang. The government-backed event was organized by the Ministry of Science & Technology and the Ministry of

Kambria Progress Report -- July 2019, Part 1

BINANCE CHAIN AND BINANCE DEX APPROVAL This week we were excited to announce that Kambria received positive votes from Binance Chain validators and will be executing the listing command for Binance DEX! Very soon, KAT will be listed on the world’s largest decentralized exchange.  In preparation, we have created a tool to assist our community

Greetings Kambrians! With the Kambria Token Bridge now live, we wanted to provide a step-by-step tutorial for you on how to create your very first Binance Wallet for storing your BEP2 tokens, including our newly minted BEP2 KAT! For instructions on how to swap your ERC-20 KAT over to BEP2 KAT, please visit this tutorial.

Token portal wallet selection page

Greetings Kambrians, Kambria’s Token Bridge is now available! We are ready to begin migrating our current circulating supply from the Ethereum blockchain over to Binance Chain’s BEP-2 protocol. We are excited for our community as we transition to Binance Chain in preparation for listing on Binance DEX, the world’s largest decentralized exchange. Binance DEX provides

Token portal wallet selection page

Kambria đã chính thức khởi động Kambria Token Bridge – công cụ giúp bạn swap token KAT ERC20 sang KAT BEP2! Chúng tôi đã sẵn sàng để bắt đầu chuyển nguồn cung token hiện hành từ Blockchain của Ethereum sang giao thức mới Binance Chain, BEP-2. Kambria rất vinh dự thông báo cho các bạn

Kambria Vietnam Grand Challenge 2019

Ho Chi Minh City Hackathon The hackathon event attracted 17 teams and 68 developers, mostly consisting of university students and companies in the Southern region of Vietnam. For three days, teams focused developing virtual assistants using AI technology in areas such as self-driving, manufacturing, banking, hotel services, and more. On the final day of the

Logistic Regression for Machine Learning

Logistic regression is one of the most common and useful classification algorithms in machine learning. If you wish to become a better machine learning practitioner, you’ll definitely want to familiarize yourself with logistic regression. Let’s take some time to understand how logistical regression functions and situations where it should be utilized. Defining Machine Learning Terms

kambria, cobo wallet

Từ ngày 8/7 đến ngày 12/7 (UTC+7), Cobo sẽ hợp tác với Kambria(KAT)để thực hiện chương trình airdrop cho người dùng tại Trung Quốc và Việt Nam. Quy tắc tham gia chương trình Thời gian: từ 00:00 ngày 8/7 đến 23:59 12/7 (UTC +7) Cách thức tham gia Mở ứng dụng Cobo Wallet, chọn [Me],

AI is Here to Stay. Here is Why You Should Not be Afraid.

Today, human civilization has finally reached a point where not only artificial intelligence is important in our lives, but has become an integral and fundamental part of it. While this is generally accepted as a positive development, today many people are afraid of AI and understandably concerned over its very exponential nature — that soon,

Kambria Account Balance

On the heels of our Special Announcement highlighting platform updates and our new website, we’re excited to share even more progress regarding the development of the Kambria platform.  Binance Chain Support Last week we announced our migration of KAT to Binance Chain. This migration offers Kambria and its community the opportunity to be a part

AI in Healthcare: Eldercare Virtual Assistant Design

How do you design an eldercare AI virtual assistant to cater to one specific section of the healthcare industry? This topic is of growing importance due to the increasing imbalance in the number of elderly people and the service personnel assigned to attend to them. According to the World Health Organization, it is estimated that

Special Announcement: Kambria Platform Updates and New Website Launch!

Since our mainnet release in September 2018, we’ve been working hard to continue to develop the Kambria Open Innovation Platform. Based on engagement with our community, we’ve identified new features to integrate and made some changes in other areas. Today, we are excited to release the next generation of our open innovation platform and to

Kambria Binance Chain

Over the past two years, the Kambria team has spent countless hours working diligently to bring our community of developers, platform users, corporate partners, and blockchain enthusiasts the most innovative open development platform available. When we originally set out on this journey, we were aware of the scaling limitations that many blockchains face. We have

Dos and Don’ts: Designing an AI Virtual Assistant

Are you interested in designing an AI virtual assistant? There are so many different ways to design one, where should you start? A good way to start designing an AI virtual assistant is to follow these steps:  Decide on the assistant’s role/functions  Decide on a development approach Decide which tools you are going to use

Dos and Don’ts: Designing an AI Virtual Assistant

Are you interested in designing an AI virtual assistant? There are so many different ways to design one, where should you start? A good way to start designing an AI virtual assistant is to follow these steps:  Decide on the assistant’s role/functions  Decide on a development approach Decide which tools you are going to use

Photo of Thuc Vu on stage at OKEX event.

On June 16th in Ho Chi Minh City, Kambria CEO, Dr. Thuc Vu, took the stage with several other innovation leaders at the OKEX Vietnam Cooperation Summit 2019 for a panel discussion on Decentralized Finance. The event was held at the Gem Center, and featured a number of world-class speakers from well-known blockchain projects such

The History and Evolution of Self-Driving Cars

The idea of self-driving cars or autonomous vehicles has captured human imagination since the 1930s and with the 2020 slated deadline to put self-driving cars on the streets of major cities in the US and other developed countries, stakes and motivation are definitely high. It was at Carnegie Mellon University that the first truly autonomous

KAT Token là token được sử dụng trong nền tảng của Kambria, dự án Blockchain thúc đẩy sự đổi mới các công nghệ tiên tiến. KAT token cũng chính là một phần của giải thưởng dành cho các đội tham gia thi hackathon Vietnam AI Grand Challenge. Với việc công bố phiên bản mới của

Ultimate AI Virtual Assistant

Digital virtual assistants, sometimes referred to as voice assistants, are becoming ever more popular. If you’re looking to get involved in the creation of an AI virtual assistant/voice assistant, it can be hard to even know where to start. What follows is a list of resources pertaining to digital virtual assistants, intended to guide your

With the upcoming release of Kambria’s Open Innovation Platform, our native token, KAT, is going to play an integral role in our ecosystem. Our team of game theorists developed KAT tokenomics with strong demand-focused principles in mind. Our three-tiered approach to the Kambria Master Business Plan provides an overview of how we will create a

In two short weeks, we have accomplished so much here at Kambria. Our hackathon team is crushing it! Already 123 teams have registered for the Vietnam AI Grand Challenge and there are still 9 days until the June 25th registration deadline. Join us to win your share of $40,000. If you are an AI engineer, a

To say that mathematics and artificial intelligence are interlinked is an understatement. Not just because binary data processing itself is a form of calculation, but because mathematical principles and concepts form an integral connection to the underlying principles, as well as capabilities, of AI as currently understood. The law of large numbers is one theorem

Rwanda in Africa is a mountainous country with limited transportation, which poses challenges to the delivery of life-saving medical equipment and blood products. Zipline, a drone company funded by the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI), can deliver blood to rural clinics in less than 30 minutes. In its first year alone, the program

Greetings Kambrians! As things heat up with our Vietnam AI Grand Challenge (VAGC), we are ready to release more details for the event. With several seminars and workshops now behind us, we are drawing close to the June 17th online event, where participants will enter the first stage of the challenge. To participate in the

metamask kambria token portal

Bài viết này sẽ hướng dẫn bạn cách tạo ví Metamask để trữ các loại tiền điện tử ứng dụng công nghệ Blockchain. Ví MetaMask được khuyến khích sử dụng, vì bạn có thể kết nối ví này với nền tảng mở của Kambria – Kambria Open Innovation Platform, cũng như rút các phần thưởng

metamask kambria token portal

The purpose of this tutorial is to provide to you easy-to-follow instructions for creating a new wallet, or importing your existing wallet into MetaMask. You can use your MetaMask Wallet to interact with the Kambria Open Innovation Platform, as well as withdraw rewards from one of our hackathons or bounty challenges. If you have any

We all have seen Facebook grow. It seems like yesterday that many of us were introduced to this new social network with a naive impression of sharing pictures with friends and family. Today, the platform is considerably more robust and continually unfolds new features over basic networking with old friends. Facebook is building a business

talking blockchain robotics vietseeds

Sáng 12/5, Tiến sĩ Vũ Duy Thức, CEO và Co-founder của Kambria, cùng với Tiến sĩ Lưu Thế Lợi (CEO Kyber Network) và ông Trương Quốc Hùng, Giám đốc Công ty VinBrain (thuộc Tập đoàn Vingroup) đã có thời gian làm việc với Ủy ban Nhân dân tỉnh Thừa Thiên Huế về AI, Robotics, Blockchain

talking blockchain robotics vietseeds

On May 12th, Dr. Thuc Vu, CEO & Co-founder of Kambria, met with the Hue Province People’s Committee on AI, Robotics, Blockchain and Introduction of Hue VietSeeds Fund. Together with Dr. Loi Luu (CEO of Kyber Network) and Mr. Truong Quoc Hung (Director of VinBrain and member of Vingroup), Dr. Vu participated in the launch

Ngoài giải thưởng tiền mặt, các đội tham gia cuộc thi “Hackathon Vietnam AI Grand Challenge” còn được các tập đoàn lớn hỗ trợ phát triển dự án. Chuỗi chương trình “Hackathon Vietnam AI Grand Challenge 2019” hiện kêu gọi các nhóm lập trình AI trên toàn Việt Nam tham dự cuộc thi lập trình

machine learning an deep learning

Artificial intelligence, or AI, has become such an important and integral part of our modern society.  According to Forbes, even as far back as two years ago in 2017, 51% of modern enterprises already implement AI, with the industry itself valued at $16 billion USD. This is projected to exponentially grow further, reaching as far as

Những công ty ứng dụng AI trong các lĩnh vực viễn thông, dịch vụ tài chính, bán lẻ, giáo dục, y tế…đạt mức lợi nhuận cao hơn đến 20%.  Trong bốn năm qua, Viện nghiên cứu toàn cầu McKinsey- thuộc công ty tư vấn và quản lý toàn cầu của Mỹ McKinsey&Company, phát hành hơn

Building a killer app is no small feat, however with the right idea, you can turn a two-day event into a multi-million dollar product. The hackathon phenomenon has been gaining popularity since the mid-2000’s, with an entire developer culture being built around it. Hackathons are a powerful tool to develop ideas with a flurry of

ai is now, ho chi minh city

Tuần vừa qua, Kambria đã cùng đồng hành với VietAI, McKinsey và các đối tác tại Việt Nam tổ chức thành công chuỗi sự kiện AI IS NOW tại 3 thành phố lớn. Sự kiện đã khép lại thành công với sự tham gia của hơn 1000 lượt khách tham dự. Đây là bằng chứng

ai is now, ho chi minh city

Last week, Kambria, along with VietAI, McKinsey and other partners in Vietnam, successfully organized the AI IS NOW! event series in three major cities. In total, over 1100 people attended demonstrating that AI technology is captivating the interest of many young developers in Vietnam. Below is a recap of what participants learned. Ho Chi Minh

Happy Memorial Day weekend to our community members in the US. We hope you’re able to enjoy the pre-summer holiday with family and friends. So much has happened since our last progress report! We’re delighted to catch everyone up on all of the technical, marketing, and partnership advancements Kambria has made. VIETNAM AI GRAND CHALLENGE

Development Update It’s our favorite time of the month — time to feature the technical advances of the Kambria platform, the heart of our blockchain ecosystem. Since our last update, we have implemented the MVP feature for centralized KAT wallet in the platform. Using this feature, admins can send KAT to users who complete certain

Kambria is partnered up with International Data Engineering and Science Association (IDEAS) for the 2019 Southern California AI & Data Science Conference in Los Angeles, California on October 26-27, 2019. The conference will focus on hot topics in AI, machine learning, data science, and blockchain. We are thrilled to work, yet again, with IDEAS in

Kambria is co-hosting the 2019 Southern California AI & Data Science Conference with the International Data Engineering and Science Association (IDEAS) in Los Angeles, California on October 26-27, 2019. The conference will focus on hot topics in AI, machine learning, data science, and blockchain. We are thrilled to work, yet again, with IDEAS in this

vietnam ai grand challenge

Dưới sự bảo trợ của chính phủ, chương trình Vietnam AI Grand Challenge 2019 được tổ chức góp phần thúc đẩy sự phát triển cộng đồng AI tại Việt Nam. TTXVN (THÀNH PHỐ HỒ CHÍ MINH, Việt Nam, ngày 20 tháng 5 năm 2019 / PRNewswire-Asianet / – Lần đầu tiên tại Việt Nam, các đối

Lehigh students are making tremendous progress as Global Innovation Fund participants. Under the guidance of both Kambria engineers and Lehigh Computer Science Professor, Mooi Choo Chuah, students are adding facial recognition features to the Ohmni robot that will make it even more useful in everyday life. Last month we reported that students had successfully integrated

Local and Global AI Leaders Collaborate to Kickstart Vietnam's AI Movement

New government-backed initiative to host Vietnam AI Grand Challenge 2019 in support of the country’s growing AI community HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, May 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — For the first time ever, Vietnam will collaborate with local and global knowledge partners, McKinsey & Company, Vietnam Innovation Network (VIN) and VietAI, to launch Vietnam’s national artificial intelligence (AI) movement through the

Local and Global AI Leaders Collaborate to Kickstart Vietnam's AI Movement

New government-backed initiative to host Vietnam AI Grand Challenge 2019 in support of the country’s growing AI community HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, May 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — For the first time ever, Vietnam will collaborate with local and global knowledge partners, McKinsey & Company, Vietnam Innovation Network (VIN) and VietAI, to launch Vietnam’s national artificial intelligence (AI) movement through the

The virtual assistant market is booming! Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) technology, devices that model human interaction to perform multiple tasks have grown considerably in popularity. Google Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple Siri, and Amazon Echo are widely known. But there are other incredible real-world applications across industries such as education, healthcare, home care, and self-driving

AI is Now! Vietnam AI Grand Challenge

Kambrians, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the Vietnam AI Grand Challenge! The AI movement is heating up around the world and Vietnam is joining the race. In conjunction with the Vietnamese government’s Ministry of Science & Technology and the Ministry of Planning & Investment, Kambria will work alongside McKinsey & Company, VietAI,

It’s been three weeks since our last update and we have tons of great news to share! Please take a seat, grab a cup of tea, and read about our 100 million KAT token burn, platform development updates, our new partnership with Data Application Lab, and how Kambria is growing the reach of our community.

Community Update

We have some great news for you! But first, we would like to thank you for all of your support thus far. Each member is incredibly valuable to us, and we appreciate your constructive feedback. We are always listening, improving, and keeping our community informed. As many of you know, it has been a bumpy


Yesterday, I had the opportunity to step away from my desktop to attend a conference organized by the Florida Alternative Investment Association (FLAIA), a non-profit created to establish Florida as an internationally leading center for Alternative Investment management. As I made my way through the swanky halls of the Hard Rock Hotel, music lyrics reminded

Kambria Open Innovation Hub, INSEAD student visit

Yesterday, Kambria and sister company, OhmniLabs, hosted 28 students from INSEAD in our Silicon Valley Open Innovation Hub. If you’re not familiar with INSEAD, it is among the highest-ranked business schools in the world. Its MBA program was ranked first globally in 2016 and 2017 by the Financial Times and second in the 2018 ranking.

We are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership between Kambria and Data Application Lab! Data Application Lab is a fast-growing educational and consulting tech firm that serves talented individuals and leading organizations. They partner with global universities and enterprises to offer educational training consulting services and programs including Data Science, Data & Business Analytics and

Back in January, we announced the launch of Kambria’s Global Innovation Fund with Lehigh University. The purpose of the Fund is to leverage our academic and corporate networks to globally match researchers looking for funding with companies interested in innovation. The first recipient of a Fund sponsorship was the CS capstone project at Lehigh University’s

Back in January, we announced the launch of Kambria’s Global Innovation Fund with Lehigh University. The purpose of the Fund is to leverage our academic and corporate networks to globally match researchers looking for funding with companies interested in innovation. The first recipient of a Fund sponsorship was the CS capstone project at Lehigh University’s

Dear Kambrians, It’s time for one of our favorite posts — a summary of tech development updates to our Kambria platform from our developers. We’ve made a great deal of progress in the past month including using our Bounty Mechanism in a Dapp development hackathon; completing the community edition of the Kambria wallet; completing a proof of

MK Hicks, Andra Keays, Tra Vu, Jessie Armstrong (pictured left to right)

We have been full steam ahead, but that hasn’t stopped us from taking time to host events. Recently, we joined Silicon Valley Robotics, the largest cluster of robotics and AI technology innovation and investment in the world. As a result, we hosted Silicon Valley Robotics professionals in our Open Innovation Hub in Silicon Valley. The

Hello Kambrians and Happy Easter to all who celebrate! Here’s our Weekly Progress Report with a summary of what’s been happening here at Kambria this week in case you missed it. KDNA and its Application in Karma Distribution We are #BUIDLing! Kambria’s development team just completed its most recent technical paper. Authored by Fullstack Team

In such a busy time for Kambria, our team is in perpetual motion. While we are preparing for our Vietnam AI Grand Challenge, Kambria CEO, Thuc Vu, has been traveling across the pond between Vietnam, France, and Portugal to attend several important events. Most recently, he attended the Horasis Global Meeting in Portugal. The Horasis

Kambria KDNA

Kambria’s development team just completed its most recent technical paper. Authored by Fullstack Team Leader, Phong Vu, the paper discusses how Karma will be distributed based on source code contributions to KDNA. KDNA is the Kambria platform’s semantically rich module management and build system. It crosses hardware, firmware, software, electrical, and mechanical boundaries to directly

Kambria Weekly Progress Report

G’Day, Kambrians! Your Kambria Weekly Progress Report writer is back from vacation and eager to catch you up on our progress. Here’s the scoop on our upcoming hackathon with TomoChain, our new partnership with Silicon Valley Robotics, our newest exchange listing, and more. Blockchain Dapp Development Workshop On April 6th, Kambria partnered with TomoChain and

Have a Challenging Idea? If you’re facing a technical challenge and don’t know where to start, Kambria’s Open Innovation Platform can help. Kambria is the first platform to connect innovators to collaborate and build hardware, software, manufacturing, and framework solutions at the same time. With our technology, companies can sponsor bounties to solve challenges and

With the launch of the newest major exchange, Kambria is proud to announce that the KAT token will be listed on Beaxy Exchange! Beaxy is an upcoming cryptocurrency exchange built in collaboration with OneMarketData. The exchange is bringing legacy finance, speed, power, and sophistication to the cryptocurrency space. The company boasts 225,000 transactions per second

On March 30-31 2019, the Vietnam Global Leaders Forum (VGLF) 2019 event was held in Paris, France. It was coordinated by the Association of Vietnamese Scientists and Experts (AVSE Global) in collaboration with the State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In an effort to contribute to the development of Vietnam, the

We are proud to announce we have become a member of Silicon Valley Robotics. The non-profit is the largest cluster of robotics and AI technology innovation and investment in the world, and will support Kambria in expanding our strong developer network in accordance with the Kambria Master Plan. As a result, SVR is providing Kambria a significant networking

Rock your hackathon challenge

Over the past year, Kambria has hosted four hackathons at Stanford University, UC Berkeley, Fordham University and George Brown College in Toronto, Canada, and earned the top prize in the State of Chain Hackathon’s Healthcare Division. Sponsored by PWC, we beat 25 other teams from around the world innovating around blockchain technology. So, yeah, it’s safe

3rd Block Podcast with Dr. Tra Vu

Tune in as Dr. Tra Vu and 3rdBlock discuss AI and Robotics on the blockchain Kambria Chief Operations Officer, Dr. Tra Vu, recently went on an in-depth interview with Mathias Adbissa from 3rd Block. The podcast focuses on entrepreneurs building blockchain companies in emerging markets, and has bi-weekly podcasts, discovering new ideas coming out of Latin America, the Middle

Earlier this month, Kambria joined a special boot-camp focused on accelerating hand-picked and exceptional startup companies. #Outliers Bootcamp at GIX in Seattle on March 2nd and 3rd was a huge success! Not only have we returned with polarizing new insights, but we have made some incredible connections along the way. Having met with the #Outliers team

Kambria, Blockchain Dapp Development Workshop

Wow! This week has flown by. In case you missed it, here’s a look at our progress for the week including planned and past events to grow and activate the Kambria community worldwide including a blockchain dapp development workshop held in conjunction with TomoChain. PLANNED UPCOMING EVENTS Blockchain Dapp Development Workshop Want to learn how

What does innovation mean to you? What does it mean to be an innovative company, to create new ideas and realize them in the real world? According to Wikipedia, “innovation” means a “new idea, creative thoughts, new imaginations in the form of device or method”. Innovation is often also viewed as the application of better

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Kambria is proud to showcase our talented female management and team members. Kambria is committed to supporting women in blockchain and to empowering women everywhere through our platform and our community. Scroll through these stellar profiles including two PhDs, two JDs, two MBAs, strong startup experience and tons of

Kambria's Vision

Recently, Kambria’s CEO, Thuc Vu, and Head of Special Projects, Dhana Pawar, were invited by Lehigh University to share Kambria’s vision at a dinner sponsored by Enjin, The Stanford Faculty Club and Abobe. There they met with 15 Japanese CEOs interested in AI & Data Science whose companies provide products and services in agriculture, waste management, automation, media,

Kambria partnership with Bangladesh Venture

Dear Kambria Community, since our last progress report we’ve been diligently #BUIDLing our platform and growing our reach. Take a look at this summary for details on our new partnership with Bangladesh Venture Capital Limited, our latest Development Update, announcements related to the KAT token, and more! NEW PARTNERSHIP: Bangladesh Venture Capital Limited We are

In response to community feedback, we announced our plans moving forward concerning token distribution on April 29th, 2019. In case you missed it, here is the official statement we released last month. As indicated, we are offering OTC services through an independent firm for those who would like to liquidate their tokens in a safe and fair

Dear Kambria Community, our developers have been hard at work and we are pleased to provide you with another update highlighting progress completed on the Kambria platform. Several key feature sets have been enhanced including our Bounty mechanism, KAT Wallet, and KDNA Codebase. Bounties and Competition First off, we have further developed our bounty mechanism,

Dear Kambria Community, we are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership between Kambria and Bangladesh Venture Capital Limited (BVCL)! BVCL is a venture capital firm that invests in companies with high growth potential and encourages entrepreneurs to reimagine the world with technological solutions. They help entrepreneurs at every stage of their business development and support capital

KAT Kambria Bibox listing

The wait is over! Thanks to everyone for their patience as worked with Bibox to claim the free listing we won thanks to our community’s support. Even better — Bibox is hosting a giveaway of 4 million KAT for users who deposit and trade KAT on their platform. – Trading Pair: KAT/ETH – Deposits and

  Like many cryptocurrency enthusiasts, I am a strong supporter of open source projects and decentralized systems. I quickly became enamored with the idea of distributed systems, fair voting, and true transparency. But, why does it matter? Long-standing is the debate between open source and closed-source, decentralized and centralized. Over the last several decades, we

As most of you know, Kambria is proud to be in a close strategic partnership with TomoChain! Over the last year, Kambria has been working in collaboration with TomoChain to co-host several unique events in blockchain, robotics, and AI. You can read more about this valuable relationship, and the synergistic value each project plays, by visiting this

Last week Kambria hosted a Meetup titled “Why is Open Source & Ethics Important for AI and Blockchain Technology?” as part of DeveloperWeek — the largest developer conference in both the US and Canada with over 200,000 attendees. Our moderators, panelists, and audience members enjoyed a lively discussion on current-day problems and solutions related to ethics

Twenty teams. Four finalists. One winner. $100K Prize. After a month-long journey, passing through several stages, Kambria is both humbled and proud (that’s an oxymoron, but it’s true!) to be named the winner of the Blockchain Stars start-up competition. The competition, hosted by BTC TV, consisted of three elimination rounds. In order to continue in the competition and

Kambria Blockchain Stars finals

What an incredible week this has been! Thanks to our amazing supporters, Kambria emerged as the victor in the Blockchain Stars finals! We won the entire competition in large part to having won the community voting phase with 29% of the votes! Kambrians, we could not have done this without you! To be sure, it was a

We are thrilled to bring you this news! Firstly, we would like to thank all of our incredible community members who participated in the voting. Kambria had nearly 6,000 voters, and we are humbled and appreciative to announce that because of this combined effort across several of Kambria’s international communities, we have won the community

Why is Open Source & Ethics Important for AI and Blockchain Technology?

On Thursday 2/21 at BitTemple in SF, we will go back to the fundamentals to discuss the concepts of open source and ethics in relation to AI and Blockchain. Speakers include Kambria, Loly Labs, Robotics for Good, Bee Token, FBRK, TOP Network, Microsoft and Google & ABC Blockchain Community. Please RSVP as we want to

Why is Open Source & Ethics Important for AI and Blockchain Technology?

On Thursday 2/21 at BitTemple in SF, we will go back to the fundamentals to discuss the concepts of open source and ethics in relation to AI and Blockchain. Speakers include Kambria, Loly Labs, Robotics for Good, Bee Token, FBRK, TOP Network, Microsoft and Google & ABC Blockchain Community. Please RSVP as we want to

With the opening of our very first Open Innovation Hub in Silicon Valley, California, we have been working around the clock to prepare onboarding new companies, developers, and innovators into the Kambria Ecosystem. As a part of this initiative, Kambria is happy to announce that we have joined DAIA — the Decentralized AI Alliance! “The

Over the last month, our community has offered a lot of valuable feedback concerning our token distribution model. In an effort to promote the success of Kambria, and the KAT token, we have carefully considered our best next steps, and we have decided to release ALL private sale tokens instead of utilizing the monthly lock-up

Blockchain Stars pitch competition

Another week has flown by! We’re super excited to announce that Kambria has advanced to the final stage of the Blockchain Stars pitch competition and we need your help! Vote for Kambria for a Chance to Win 10,000 KAT The highest-rated project will win a total prize worth $100K and community support comprises 25% of

Hello Kambrians! We’re excited to attend DeveloperWeek 2019 next week at the Oakland Convention Center. During the week there are a number of Partner Events scheduled, including the ones featured below. All require separate online registration, so reserve your spot ASAP. Please note that Kambria’s event on Thursday the 21st has Sold Out! You can download the official DeveloperWeek 2019 App (iOS | Android)

Cryptocopia is a community focused around fundamental discussions facing the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Topics range from token metrics & economics, upcoming projects, layer 1 & 2 protocols, mining, airdrops, blockchain programming, and many more. — Cryptocopia Website Earlier this week, Kambria Co-Founder and CEO, Dr. Thuc Vu gave an exclusive interview with Michael Chrupcala on Cryptocopia’s YouTube channel with an

Is Creating a Robotics and AI Startup In Silicon Valley Too Risky? Find out in our Interview with Kambria CEO, Dr. Thuc Vu on VTV. As we reported a couple of days ago, Kambria’s CEO, Dr. Thuc Vu, was recently featured in two important television programs which aired in Vietnam in celebration of Lunar New

Kambria is honored that Vietnamese entrepreneur and CEO, Dr. Thuc Vu, was featured in two important television programs which aired in Vietnam in celebration of Lunar New Year. The programs were “The Return Day” and “Welcome Tet with VTV.” “The Return Day” is a key program that has won many awards in Vietnam for Journalism

Kambria Weekly Progress Report: February

This week many of our community and team members around the world ushered in the Lunar New Year. Kambria wishes everyone a warm and happy celebration with family and friends. May your year be abundant with good times and good cheer! SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS $50,000 KAT Buy Back Completed! As promised, the Kambria Foundation has purchased

Kambria Grand Challenge

Hello Kambrians! We’re here to update you all on the Global Grand Challenge buy back program. As promised, the Kambria Foundation has purchased over $50K of KAT from the market to support our multi-stage, global hackathon! We are thrilled to host the Grand Challenge in order to showcase Kambria’s core features and build a strong developer

Kambria Innovation Judge Protocol

Kambria team members have been thinking deeply about the role of judges in the Kambria ecosystem. Specifically, they’ve been keen on developing a consensus mechanism for the Kambria Network that implements a more reliable and better governance for judges. Based on the challenges related to judges, Kambria’s Blockchain Engineer, Tu Phan, and Kambria Advisor, Michelle Tsing,

Dear Kambria Community, Thank you for your support while we diligently work on developing the Kambria platform. Over the past few months, we have made major progress on various fronts and we wanted to put together a more comprehensive summary for you. If you recall, when we released our mainnet in September 2018, the following key

Очередной проект показал, что несмотря на потенциал, пресейлщиков, желающих получить иксы, ничто не остановит. Для тех, кто не в курсе: 25 января состоялся первый разлок для участвующих в пресейле и сид-раунде, с учётом бонуса цена была менше 0.018 $. В день релиза токенов объём торгов составил ~450 тысяч долларов, а распределено было 250 миллионов монет.

Kambria Open Innovation Hub Launch

Whoa! Can you believe it’s already February? Seems like just yesterday we were ringing in the new year. February is a short but fruitful month — check out everything we accomplished just this past week including the Open Innovation Hub launch! SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS Kambria Open Innovation Hub Launch in Silicon Valley Our Open Innovation Hub

Kambria is honored to be a member of the inaugural class of the #Outliers Accelerator Program. #Outliers is a blockchain accelerator and fund across San Francisco, New York, Boston, and Seattle. The #Outliers Accelerator is a fraternity and fellowship for vision-driven blockchain startups to propel their technology development, product growth, and user adoption. “Searching for

Kambria is thrilled to announce the launch of the Kambria Global Innovation Fund! The Global Innovation Fund leverages our academic and corporate networks to globally match researchers looking for funding with companies interested in making connections with top universities, intent on investing in R&D, and hungry to be innovative. As part of that initiative, we

Kambria Open Innovation Hub

Hey, hey, hey, Kambrians! As promised, our Open Innovation Hub Program launches today with a soft opening of our Silicon Valley location. We’re putting the final touches on the space, getting it all organized and arranged in order to accommodate co-working, workshops, and events for our local community members. Kambria’s Open Innovation Hub is an integral

Vũ Duy Thức – cái tên không mấy xa lạ đối với cộng đồng du học sinh Việt và người Việt ở hải ngoại, khi nhận danh hiệu tiến sĩ của Đại học Stanford danh giá ở độ tuổi 28. Anh còn là niềm cảm hứng cho nhiều bạn trẻ khi tham gia sáng lập

Kambria Global Grand Challenge

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Kambria Global Grand Challenge 2019! And to thank our loyal community members for standing by our side. As most of you know, we had a big week related to our KAT token distribution. Please know that our entire team is committed to working day and night

Kambria is so excited to launch its Open Innovation Hub Program next week on Tuesday, January 29th! Located in Silicon Valley, Vietnam, India, and other countries, our Innovation Hub is an integral part of our strategy for building a vibrant, integrated ecosystem around the world. For many reasons, our Hub is an ideal way to

The Kambria Global Grand Challenge 2019 is a series of hackathons in several different countries with a focus on creating the Ultimate Personal Assistant using advanced Artificial Intelligence and Robotics technology. Utilizing the Kambria platform, developers will collaborate to deliver solutions for our partners including top corporations in Vietnam such as SSI, VPBank, and VTV, with

metamask kambria token portal

The purpose of this tutorial is to provide to you an easy-to-follow tutorial for importing your wallet into MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet, if you have not done so already. The Kambria Distribution Portal is only accessible via MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet. In order to interact with the portal, you must initial a very small transaction, covering the

Kambria will be one of twenty blockchain projects to participate in the greatly anticipated Blockchain Stars television show hosted on YouTube. With over 100,000 subscribers, BTC TV is hosting the first-of-its-kind “Shark Tank” style blockchain startup competition, where twenty startups will compete head-to-head in a winner-takes-all event for a total prize worth $100,000! BTC TV is sponsored by several major

It is our great pleasure to announce that Kambria has taken home yet another award! We are thrilled to bring you this news as we continue to grow and develop into a mature robotics and AI development company. This week, Kambria was named the Best Innovation in Robotics for our Open Innovation Platform at the 2019 DEVIES Awards! The 2019

Kambria Business Model Master Plan

This week we were excited to share the Kambria 2019 Business Model Master Plan with you! If you haven’t already reviewed it, please be sure to take a look to learn how Kambria will drive our primary initiatives of building a strong token economy; building a strong developer community; and generating real-world revenue streams. Our

Dear Kambria Community, Our new year is off with a bang, and we are eager to deliver the best open innovation platform possible to the market. This article discusses the Kambria business model master plan which will drive the initiatives we are building over the course of the year. (It complements the technical roadmap that

why and how to use open source for robotics

Twenty years ago, the open source movement started in Palo Alto, California, and it has continued to gather followers and gain momentum ever since. Today, some of the most recognizable names in software are open source projects. Surely you’ve heard of WordPress, Magento, Mozilla, OpenOffice, and Linux — all are open source. What started as

Technology has always been a passion of mine. I got my first computer when I was four years old, and I have been enthralled with electronics since then. This was my first experience with both CES and OhmniLabs-Kambria in a live event. Having been a part of several major blockchain events, I was already familiar

Kambria at CES 2019

Kambria team members had a great week representing both Kambria and our sister company, OhmniLabs, at CES 2019 this week in Las Vegas, Nevada. CES is the largest consumer electronics show with over 182,000 industry professionals, including more than 63,000 from outside the U.S. Kambria Founders Tingxi Tan, Jared Go, and Thuc Vu at CES Kambria’s

Ask a few dozen random people about the things they cannot live without and many will immediately respond, “my smartphone!” Who would have thought that an invention could scale so quickly and become an inseparable part of our daily lives? In just over 10 years the mainstream adoption of smartphones has increased to a point

artificial intelligence

Peruse today’s internet and artificial intelligence reports are everywhere. At the 5th World Internet Conference held in November, private docking services were provided for 10 driverless cars. On the same day, the Xinhua News Agency launched the world’s first “AI synthetic anchor” initiating a hot discussion in both the Chinese and foreign media “AI wants

Kambria partnership with Terra

It’s 2019 and we’re off to the races! We had a number of wins over at Kambria this week — here’s a recap in case you missed it including a new Kambria partnership with Terra and our new Open Innovation Hub program. NEW PARTNERSHIP: Terra We are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership between Kambria

In support of our new partnership, cryptocurrency exchange DragonEx Exchange invited Kambria Team members to participate in an exclusive online roadshow with both the DragonEx English and Chinese-speaking communities. The event featured Kambria community managers Annie Wang (CH) and William Ryan (EN). Both sessions were focused and very active. Here is a recap of the conversation with William in the

Dear Kambria Community, we are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership between Kambria and Terra! Terra is building a decentralized stablecoin that will power the next-generation payment solution, paving the way for mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. The protocol ensures price-stability by algorithmically expanding and contracting supply and makes a decentralized guarantee of solvency through a

Kambria Open Innovation Hub

Our new year is off to a great start and we have a special announcement for you! Kambria is launching its Open Innovation Hub Program this month on January 29th. The Open Innovation Hub is a network of physical research and development labs across the globe, supported by Kambria’s online open innovation platform. These labs

This article was translated from a story which first appeared in WeChat for our Chinese community. We thought you’d enjoy learning more about Dr. Thuc Vu and the evolution of Kambria as well. Enjoy our Founder’s Report | Creating Ohmni Robot & Kambria. Hello everyone! My name is Thuc Vu. Although I was educated in