It’s been three weeks since our last update and we have tons of great news to share! Please take a seat, grab a cup of tea, and read about our 100 million KAT token burn, platform development updates, our new partnership with Data Application Lab, and how Kambria is growing the reach of our community. Here is our May Progress Report Part 1.

Token Burn Complete

As many community members are aware, we released the final allocation of private sale tokens on April 29th. Thanks to feedback from community members, Kambria decide to burn more tokens! This past Friday, Kambria burned the 100 million tokens that were converted into equity. With another reduction of ~8% of the circulating supply, we hope we’ve further solidified our community’s confidence in the Kambria platform.

In the future, any tokens converted to equity will also be burned. In addition, Kambria will use 20% of its profits to purchase KAT from the market. 8% of KAT purchased will be burned as well. To learn more about the token burn and view wallet addresses, read our full announcement here.

Development Update

Development of the Kambria platform continues! We have implemented a minimum viable product feature for Karma on the platform. Kambria admins can now reward Karma to users. And users can view their Karma balance and the allocation history from their account.

In addition, we have also released the Kambria Capsule Wallet, a blockchain bridge to help you power your Dapps, to both GitHub ( and NPM ( and enhanced the wallet to support the Trezor hardware wallet and allow for Facebook sign up and sign in.

New Partnership: Data Application Lab

We are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership between Kambria and Data Application Lab! Data Application Lab is a fast-growing educational and consulting tech firm that serves talented individuals and leading organizations. Through our partnership, Data Application Lab and Kambria will work together to build joint AI & Robotics Labs in major Chinese universities. Combining Kambria’s expertise in robotics, hardware & AI with Data Application Lab’s deep experience in data science and business analytics, we aim to provide the best curriculum and training to higher education institutions in China and around the world.

Click here to read more about our partnership here.

Global Innovation Fund Research Progress Report Update — Voice Command Robots are Here!

In case you missed it, our Global Innovation Fund partnership with Lehigh University computer science students is progressing wonderfully. Students have implemented voice commands and facial detection & recognition into the OhmniLabs telepresence robot. Take a look at our full blog post to learn more and watch the video of voice commands in action!

Kambria Featured By Outliers Accelerator

Next in our progress report, Kambria was featured in the Outliers blog this week! Outliers is a community-driven accelerator for vision-driven startups which Kambria joined earlier this year to further propel the growth of our project. Our CPO and Co-founder, Tingxi Tan, attended the first Outliers boot camp in March and gained tons of new insights and connection. If you haven’t met Tingxi yet, this is your chance to hear his vision of Kambria and why he thinks Kambrians are outliers in the best sense of the word.

Full blog post and Tingxi’s video interview

Article about the first Outliers boot camp

Open Innovation Hub Update: Kambria Hosts INSEAD Business Students

Kambria Open Innovation Hub, INSEAD student visit

Last week, Kambria and sister company, OhmniLabs, hosted 28 students from INSEAD in our Silicon Valley Open Innovation Hub. If you’re not familiar with INSEAD, it is among the highest-ranked business schools in the world. Representing over 18 countries, our INSEAD guests are among the best and brightest and it was our pleasure to welcome them to the Kambria community.

Students met with Kambria CTO and co-founder, Jared Go, and Head of Special Projects, Dhana Pawar, for a discussion about cobots, the open source model, challenges & opportunities in the space. Students also learned more about how Kambria works with governments, academia, and corporations in executing our vision. Everyone enjoyed the interactive, information-packed Q&A session and we think you will, too! To read a full recap of the event, click here.

Kambria Invited to Exclusive 2019 FORTUNE Global Sustainability Forum

This week, Kambria’s Head of Special Projects, Dhana Pawar, attended the exclusive, by-invitation-only 2019 FORTUNE Global Sustainability Forum in San Francisco, California. The event convened senior leaders in business, government, and NGOs — including Chip Bergh, President & CEO of Levi Strauss and Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce. It was a great opportunity for Kambria to network and discuss our project with leading VCs, social impact funds, and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. We learned that our focus on AI and Robotics is critical in connecting stakeholders to develop impactful solutions.

Of special interest was meeting Carol Reiley (pictured above), Co-founder of, a self-driving car platform that is the backend for Lyft and other shared ride companies. Carol, nicknamed the “Mother of Robots” is a powerhouse; has already raised over $77M million in funding.

The ABCs of Alternative Investing

Florida Alternative Investment Association, FLAIA

Recently, Kambria Content Writer, Laura Guy, attended the 2nd annual Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Forum organized by the Florida Alternative Investment Association (FLAIA), a non-profit created to establish Florida as an internationally leading center for Alternative Investment management.

Check out her blog post for highlights about what she learned from the influential thought leaders who covered the “ABCs” of investing — sounds elementary but it’s very cutting-edge.

Got questions? Join us on Telegram or social media; just click one of the boxes below. We always love hearing from you, and hope you enjoyed the progress report!

The Kambria Team


KAT is a token used on the Kambria platform.

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