Introducing the new K-Wallet experience on the Kambria platform

Dear Kambria Community,

We’re pleased to announce the launch of a wallet on the Kambria platform. 

Kambria users can use the K-Wallet (Kambria Wallet) to receive KAT/KYTE tokens and rewards for participating in Kambria Platform activities. Users can also use their tokens in this wallet for Kambria Platform products and services, as well as other features.

Kambria has established a variety of activities for developers to compete, collaborate, earn rewards, and learn more about deep technologies. As our platform evolves and expands, we believe this feature allows users to become more engaged with the platform. Kambria partners in Knowledge Base and Ambassador Programs can also benefit from this.

K-Wallet is integrated on Kambria platform where each Kambria member can access in the Account Balance page. You can also link it to your external Metamask wallet.

Please see our helpdesk for further information on how to use this wallet. If there are any questions you still have, feel free to ask us via the support center or email to us at


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