In the acceleration of technology development, our community will play an important role in connecting the ecosystem for collaborations, contributing AI/ML training data, spreading the knowledge, helping ourselves and each other to stay updated with new technologies.

We do that via these activities:

  • Referral campaigns
  • Community Monthly Contests: We are opening many contest series that you can choose to join:
  • Knowledge Base program
    • Not only Technology review, our Knowledge Base program has many other categories by deeptech verticals (AI, Robotics, Blockchain…). If you enjoy sharing knowledge, welcome to be our Content partner! Please start with providing your information via this form and we will connect.
  • AI/ML training data contribution
    • Data is the foundation for artificial intelligence and machine learning. Aiming to build a complete and comprehensive deep learning database for AI/ML applications, Kambria NFT IP Program and Marketplace have a category for Data. Community will earn tokens by contributing data as an individual or part of collective work.
    • You can build a dataset yourself and commercialize it via Kambria NFT IP Program / Marketplace.
    • Or you can participate in Kambria Data Bounties with other members of our community, to build part of a dataset and earn your part of the bounty.