Please read this to get to know us.

Open Innovation in Deep tech is a big and not easy mission.

Over the past time, Kambria has been focusing on project development, to find a sustainable business model. We have gradually explored and experimented with different development directions to find a suitable direction that could be scaled up. We also spent a lot of time building the capacity of our tech community, one of the key components of the ecosystem for this mission.

Up to now (Q3/2021), we have reached the end of the model completion phase, preparing to scale globally as well as having many prestigious international partners interested in cooperation. In terms of the project, there will also be programs continuing to roll out over the next few months. We will update the official announcements from time to time.

Our approach is building company and product value first, with the belief that the token price will correspond to the company and product value. So Kambria will be suitable for long-term investors who can see the development of technology in the future.

In the next phase, we will scale our ecosystem by building open innovation hubs from country to country, adding new verticals and strengthening our tokenomics.

Hope you could join us, but we will understand if you have different expectations.