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Smart Recycle DAO

Think Green, Act Smart, Become Environment Keepers

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About this DAO

At a time when environmental concerns are at an all-time high, with climate change affecting ecosystems and traditional waste management systems collapsing under strain, the clamor for creative ideas is loud and obvious. Overflowing landfills and rising pollution levels indicate an urgent need for reform. The Smart Recycle DAO initiative pledges to be a part of the answer. With the slogan “Think Green, Act Smart, Become Environment Keepers“, we introduce a cutting-edge smart trash bin that not only streamlines garbage management but also encourages everyone to embrace their responsibility as environmental stewards.

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Kambria DAO Model

This article introduces Kambria DAOs governance model and how we implement it on XDAO, regarding GT - LP tokens, Development work management, Commercialization and Revenue sharing management of the DAOs.

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In Kambria DAO's governance model, 40% (400 GTs) goes to big fund contributors, and another 40% goes to active LP token holders. In this article, we would like to introduce in more detail Kambria Credit reward rules for DAO activities. So that anyone interested can prepare their plan to become a DAO Council member by being active in the DAO.

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Kambria DAOs enable community-driven technology ownership through open-sourced solutions. In the governance model of Kambria DAOs, the Dev Teams submit their work as DAO IP NFTs, allowing the community to commercialize open-source solutions. This article explains the NFT IPs of Technology solutions in Kambria DAOs in detail.

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Now happening


Jun 14, 2024 Info session

– Kambria Introduction

– Guest talks

– Spark sharing “My stories”

Sep 30, 2024 Dev Team Proposal Submission (Submit HERE)
Nov 08, 2024 Online DAO Launch event:

– Dev Teams present proposals – Q&A from Community & Expert

– Kick start the fundraising campaign – How to join

Partnership Invitations To:

If you are experienced in doing recycle services, and interested in collaborating with SRD as Service Partners, we would love to have your participation in the solution development phase, to survey your needs for the solution as well as collaborate to test the solution in the pilot phase.

Then in the commercialization phase, we can collaborate to implement the Smart Recycle Technology solution.

Some financial information we would like to highlight for your reference:

  • The worldwide smart trash market is valued at USD 341.95 Million in 2022. The market is further anticipated to surpass a valuation of USD 1220.67 Million in 2032. This is expected to grow with a CAGR 13.57% in the forecast period.
  • The rising issues of waste management globally accompanied by the progression in smart city development is likely to gain traction of growth for smart trash bins in the forecast period. 
  • In addition, rapid developments in technologies contribute greatly to improving the functionality and convenience of using smart dustbins. The market is expected to grow at a rapid pace with constant developments in technologies; a mounting number of market players are launching unique and efficient trash bins to gain a competitive edge.

With reference to the cost structure of tech companies especially robotics companies, we define the DAO financial framework as below (for more information about Kambria DAOs financial framework, governance model and fundraising campaigns please read here):

Kambria DAOs Financial Framework

Some potential collaborations we would like to propose:

  • Raising public awareness: 
    • Cross-sharing recycled materials will contribute to a sustainable environment and circular economy by classifying, reusing and recycling waste at source among our communities.
    • Co-organizing activities such as Community Recycling Competitions, Trash-to-Treasure Workshops….
  • SRD Hubs: Community Partner will lead the DAO community in your Hub to participate in the solution commercialization and get paid for the Hub’s contribution

Partnership Exploration Form:

In this article, we will provide detailed information and instructions on how to join in the journey of Social Impact Investing by purchasing DAO LP Tokens with the Pet Care Robot DAO LP Token Sale as an example.

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We are excited to announce the launch of our Special Discount Program, offering exclusive discounts for participants who contribute to our token sale campaigns for Kambria Pet Care | Ocean Cleanup and Mine Clearing Robot DAO. This program presents a unique opportunity for you to join us in making a lasting impact and revolutionizing Kambria's initiatives.

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