Note: Token statistics will be updated on this page at the end of each quarter or in cases of significant changes.

Whitepaper, Roadmap and Milestone updates

Year Month Updates
2022 June [Upcoming] NFT IP Marketplace Launch
January [Upcoming] 2021 Year In Review & 2022 Roadmap “Global and Vertical Scaling”
2021 December [Upcoming] Starter Program Launch with Kambria Challenge “NFT IP Marketplace”
November Community Monthly Contest “Technology Review”
Kambria Token Swap Bridges
September NFT IP Program Launch
Website Update with Complete Open Innovation Model
Token Plan updated Sep 2021
July Kambria EduKATion – Knowledge Base Launch
June KO Hackathon I Recap
May Project Portfolio Program Launch
April More Initiatives for Kambria 2021 Roadmap
January 2020 Year In Review & 2021 Roadmap
2020 August Kambria EduKATion – AI Course
May Kambria Rewards System
January Kambria Code Challenge
2019 December Kambria Progress Report: Part 1, Part 2
August Vietnam AI Grand Challenge Recap
July Kambria Open Innovation Platform Updates and New Website Launch
2018 December 2018 Year in Review Highlights
June Whitepaper

Kambria Tokens

Kambria tokens are necessary for interactions in Kambria ecosystem:

  • Solution seekers: issue and award deeptech challenges, buy NFT IP licenses
  • Innovators: earn tokens for developing deeptech solutions and licensing IPs
  • Manufacturers: earn tokens through hardware production
  • Community members: earn tokens by participating in DeFi activities or technology promotion work (referral, review, knowledge sharing, data contribution); use tokens to purchase products or fundraise technologies…
Type ERC20 BSC
Purposes Platform interactions & CEX Platform interactions (lower gas fee) & DeFi
Exchange KuCoin PancakeSwap

Please check KAT Contract details below:

  • Total distribution: 5 billion
  • Total burned: 2.5 billion
  • New supply: 2.5 billion
  • In circulation: 1.3 billion
  • Exchanges: PancakeSwap

  • KYTE BSC contract address: 0x0995d8643645dd0cea60ab1acfa5ad2f642273d3

  • Total supply 25,000,000

  • Circulating supply 2,463,712.167 (14/09/2021)

Yield farms and stake pools will run from time to time, but our long-term approach is a DeFi lending portal supporting KYTE and other tokens of Kambria partners. Similar to AAVE, you can earn interest on deposits and borrow assets with a variable or stable interest rate.

  • Swap bridges for KAT BEP2 to KAT ERC20 and KAT ERC20 to KYTE BSC are open quarterly. For more information please check this announcement.
  • Swap bridge for KYTE ERC20 to KYTE BSC has been opened at Please follow the instructions here to swap your KYTE. And you can also  buy KYTE on PancakeSwap.

Kambria Token Community

Please read this to get to know us.

Open Innovation in Deep tech is a big and not easy mission.

Over the past time, Kambria has been focusing on project development, to find a sustainable business model. We have gradually explored and experimented with different development directions to find a suitable direction that could be scaled up. We also spent a lot of time building the capacity of our tech community, one of the key components of the ecosystem for this mission.

Up to now (Q3/2021), we have reached the end of the model completion phase, preparing to scale globally as well as having many prestigious international partners interested in cooperation. In terms of the project, there will also be programs continuing to roll out over the next few months. We will update the official announcements from time to time.

Our approach is building company and product value first, with the belief that the token price will correspond to the company and product value. So Kambria will be suitable for long-term investors who can see the development of technology in the future.

In the next phase, we will scale our ecosystem by building open innovation hubs from country to country, adding new verticals and strengthening our tokenomics.

Hope you could join us, but we will understand if you have different expectations.

Here is our approach to build the token community.

As said, Kambria will be more suitable for long-term investors who can see the development of technology in the future.

So we will build our token community to nurture that spirit, like:

  • Sharing knowledge of deep tech for our community to understand the concept and impact of AI, robotics, IoT, AR/VR… to stay updated with new technologies.
  • Connecting the ecosystem for new technology innovation.
  • Of course we will strengthen our tokenomics.

But we hope to keep our community healthy and positive along the run. So all the fudding, bad languages, spams, negativity… would be strictly prevented. Please understand that we will execute banning / muting these members without warning.

And the fomo is not recommended either. Of course we would love to see our tokens to the moon, but we don’t want to create wrong perceptions or expectations in the community, because we respect our community and don’t want to disappoint you.

Thank you for your understanding.

If you think we are a good match, welcome to our token community:

Together, let’s shape the future of technology where technology is open and contributing more to society.

In the acceleration of technology development, our community will play an important role in connecting the ecosystem for collaborations, contributing AI/ML training data, spreading the knowledge, helping ourselves and each other to stay updated with new technologies.

We do that via these activities:

  • Referral campaigns
  • Monthly contest “Technology review”
    • Each month the contest will highlight a technology which the participants will make a review video or blog article to share their understanding of the concept and impact of that technology. For example with Voice recognition we can discuss what voice recognition is and its current stage of development, how this technology is currently applied and its impact in our life, etc.
    • Winning videos / articles will be published on Kambria Youtube / Blog, and the best videos will be invited to commercialize via our Knowledge Base program.
    • The technologies to be highlighted in the Monthly contests will be related to those in Kambria NFT IP Program, so that participants could also use their videos / blog articles for their referral campaigns.
  • Knowledge Base program
    • Not only Technology review, our Knowledge Base program has many other categories by deeptech verticals (AI, Robotics, Blockchain…). If you enjoy sharing knowledge, welcome to be our Content partner! Please start with providing your information via this form and we will connect.
  • AI/ML training data contribution
    • Data is the foundation for artificial intelligence and machine learning. Aiming to build a complete and comprehensive deep learning database for AI/ML applications, Kambria NFT IP Program and Marketplace have a category for Data. Community will earn tokens by contributing data as an individual or part of collective work.
    • You can build a dataset yourself and commercialize it via Kambria NFT IP Program / Marketplace.
    • Or you can participate in Kambria Data Bounties with other members of our community, to build part of a dataset and earn your part of the bounty.