AI/ML training data: Door-knob Annotated Image Dataset


Data Provider: OhmniLabs

Overview: These corpora are the result of Kambria community effort in an image labeling bounty sponsored by OhmniLabs aiming to build a comprehensive deep learning database for robotics and AI applications.

Data Attributes: Door knob type (lever, knob, handle, unknown).

Geography (which countries does the data cover): various.

History (how far back does the data go): Data is labeled in 2020.

Volume: 1996 annotated images.

Delivery Format: images as JPG files and annotations in JASON/XML files.

Use Cases: AI/ML, Door Knob Recognition.

The next development for this data that the Licensor can continue to work on (or the Licensees may consider): 

  • Adding more annotated door images
  • Adding other door knob types
  • Label additional sub parts of each door knob type, e.g. fulcrum/pivot, top/bottom etc.

License Price: 100 USD

Number of Licenses: 50

  • Each license is an NFT with the data packaged in the private unlockable content.