CovidDetection – Using AI to detect health abnormalities


Innovator partner’s Representative name: Tran Quang Hiep

Solution domain: Machine Learning

What is the Problem that this Solution contributes to solve?

  • Chatbot – Friendly chatbot system to help answer questions related to the epidemic
  • Covid-19 detection via cough – Predict the probability of infection with Covid – 19 and give advice
  • Abnormal cough detection – Predict your unusual cough and give advice
  • News – Automatically update news from trusted information sources
  • Statistic – Statistical data and epidemic situation in provinces of Vietnam
  • Contribute cough – Contribute coughs to improve the model Machine learning, Deep learning
  • Health Management – Manage prediction results, generate QR codes to share prediction results when going to crowded places.

What are the Added Values that this Solution brings to the Problem?

The application contributes a new approach to health management during epidemics, using AI technology to detect health abnormalities.

Who are the potential Licensees that this Solution can be helpful for?

  • Researchers
  • Commercial centers, shops, supermarkets need to manage customers
  • Schools

In what ways can this Solution be used by those Licensees? Any advice for the most effective application (that the Licensees can make the most of this Solution)

This solution can be used in public places for disease control. In addition, the application can be used by individuals to monitor their own health. To know the possibility of being infected with covid or to detect an unusual cough, users just need to record their cough and the AI model will give the results and advice.

There are 2 APIs included in this solution: Predicting the rate of Covid19 infection through coughs and Predicting abnormal coughs. Both of these APIs are packaged in separate docker. The technologies used in each API are constantly being updated to increase accuracy and speed up response. Licensees can completely integrate these APIs into your application.

The next development for this Solution that the Licensor can continue to work on (or the Licensees may consider).

  • Collect data and develop models to increase the accuracy of AI models
  • Increase the inference speed of AI models
  • UX/UI development research to improve user experience
  • Multi-languages for the chat bot.

Classifed based on Kambria NFT IP Pricing Framework (guidelines):

  • Solution Development Stage: PoC
  • Level: 1

License Price: 2,500 USD

Number of Licenses: 50

  • Each license is an NFT with the solution packaged in the private unlockable content.
  • Solution package includes: Introduction deck, Demo video, Sourcecode and Technical document.