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OhmniLabs and Kambria are two separate entities founded by the same core team. However, you can think of them as two arms of an organization, one for-profit and one non-profit, similarly to Linux Foundation and Ubuntu. Kambria Foundation will build out the ecosystems in which OhmniLabs will play an important role in bootstrapping and facilitating each pillar of the Kambria platform.

Kambria’s headquarter is in Silicon Valley but we employ a distributed team globally. About half of our team members are based in Vietnam, including our developers and a strong business team with deep connections partner organizations in the region. Globally, we employ community managers in China, Korea, and Russia.

Most other AI projects focus on creating a medium for entities to exchange certain things such as ideas, data, services for token and are, therefore, dependent on third parties to develop new and useful services. Kambria is different because we are creating a comprehensive innovation engine that supercharges both the development and adoption of new technology, starting with AI and Robotics. Our platform is uniquely designed to take robotics development all the way from ideation to manufacturing to assembly and distribution. Furthermore, we are the only project in the cryptocurrency space with a real physical product that can bring concrete value to our users. In short, what sets us apart is that we can jumpstart the AI and Robotics ecosystem with a valuable product from the beginning instead of waiting for people to contribute.

The Kambria Open Innovation Ecosystem is comprised of 5 pillars: Open Innovation Platform, Global Innovation Fund (GIF), Open Innovation Hub (OIH), Hackathons and K-prize Challenges, and Kambria eduKATion. Through partnerships with government agencies, top universities and leading companies, Kambria is dedicated to building a sustainable open innovation ecosystem to change the way we innovate and to accelerate advanced technology development and industry adoption. Bringing the next wave of advanced technology will provide value to billions of people around the world.

Our addressable market is the open innovation arena. The Kambria platform is starting with AI and Robotics; however, the protocol can support the exchange and delivery of innovative solutions across many sectors. The global market for AI and Robotics is currently at $250 billion USD and is expected to double by 2025. The open innovation market is more difficult to estimate but it could be several multitudes higher than the AI and Robotics market.

Kambria’s mission is to create a strong, sustainable ecosystem that supports all interested parties both from the top down and from the bottom up, thereby reaping the full potential of the Kambria platform. Therefore, our plan for 2020 is to continue to drive initiatives to meet our goals, specifically focusing on three primary outcomes: 1) build a strong token economy; 2) build a strong developer community; and 3) generate real-world revenue streams. Please refer to our Business Model Master Plan for details on how we will execute each outcome.

Kambria will generate real-world revenue streams in several ways. We will provide community services, offer open innovation as a service (OIAAS), develop a licensing program and create a product and technology marketplace. OIAAS inlcudes GIF, OIH, eduKATion and Hackathons & K-prizes. Please visit and read our Business Model Master Plan to learn more about these services.

Kambria has strong partnerships with top universities, government agencies and leading companies around the world such as Toppan, Stanford University, Carnegie Mellon University, #Hashed, Silicon Valley Robotics, TomoChain and more. To learn more, please visit:


Yes, we launched our platform in June 2019. Check out the platform at

One of the most important aspects of innovation is to encourage people to build off each other’s work. Unfortunately, traditional patent system are all about secrecy and working in a siloed environment, where innovation requires developing everything yourself. This takes an incredible amount of time and resources. Through our platform and ecosystem, Kambria is trying to change the dynamics of innovation through collaboration and open source. Service offerings such as our Open Innovation Hub and Global Innovation Fund further support our mission of open innovation by providing greater access to research, development, and corporate funding for those hungry to innovate. To learn more, read Kambria’s Open Innovation Manifesto.

Key players in our ecosystem include: Investors/Backers, Manufacturers, Companies, Developers, and Platform Users. To learn more about the role of each, please read this article.

One of the most important reasons for Kambria to adopt blockchain is to build our own tokenomics, which allows us to build a community much faster and stronger than any other traditional open source projects. If you think about it, traditional projects either need a lot of financial backing from a big company (like Android and Google) or are at the mercy of developers willing to donate their free time (like Linux). With our blockchain-based KAT token, Kambria can actively acquire technology that is locked away in patents and research labs, as well as, reward developers who contribute to Kambria.

The second benefit using blockchain technology is to break down the process of innovation from being designed to production and manufacturing, and then on to commercialization. It allows different parties to address each piece separately while maintaining transparency and trust and then being able to distribute all of the upside through using tokenomics. This way the best engineers can focus on making the best robots, while the best entrepreneurs can focus on finding the best markets and use cases, and get fairly compensated.

The third factor is that blockchain technology allows Kambria to operate in an open system. Users can maintain and develop on top of it, and the technology is owned by the community. AI and robotics are way too important to be owned by just a few big corporations. You can already see some of the abuses and privacy violations coming out of the largest social network. We want to make sure that Kambria will better serve society as a whole.

Building a strong developer community is crucial to developing a strong, sustainable ecosystem. Therefore, we will focus on creating talent pools through educational programs and organizing hackathons with social impact. We will also incentivize developers to join our platform by offering them project bounties, making the platform easy to use, and allow them to innovate on the work of others, thereby saving them the time and cost of reinvention.

We will also create a collaborative environment for developers through our global Open Innovation Hub, a worldwide network of physical research and development labs. Hubs will be located in Silicon Valley, Vietnam, India, and other countries and will bring together academia, industries, startups, and funds in one physical space. Our goal is to enable collaboration across the globe in a trustless manner.

Watson is only an SDK (software development kit) while Kambria offers tools and modules to integrate both hardware and software into a fully-integrated robotic platform. From there you can modify your project as much as you wish. As an example, imagine buying a robot released by the Kambria community — the arm is from OhmniLabs, the muscles from SRI (Stanford Research Institute), the navigation technology from CMU and UMass, and LiDAR from a Korean startup — and it’s all integrated and ready to go. Better yet, the pieces are completely open so you can modify the lidar, add the gripper you want, dress it in a cool material, etc. You have the freedom to invent while minimizing the amount of development work.

To start, we have implemented fair-use rules, which everyone participating in Kambria agrees upon. These rules can evolve with community vote over time. If someone violates a rule, someone in the community can flag the issue. Others can investigate it and either support the claim or determine that it is bogus. If a question persists, the Fair-Use team can follow up with an investigation on behalf of the community. It can impose penalties/sanctions on the party that’s misusing the platform or free riding. Violators would be banished and no one else in Kambria would be able to collaborate with them.

Please go to and register to become a participant of our platform.


One use of KAT is to facilitate the interactions and transactions between key stakeholders on the platform. Another use is to align stakeholder incentives with the long-term success of the community. As the ecosystem grows, everyone will benefit through KAT. Making sure the incentives for developers fair and sufficient is one of our top priorities. We have several mechanisms to achieve this, for example, one is an innovation marketplace that allows the community to assign a fair price or reward for the work of innovators.

Kambria will use token economics to foster collaboration. Today, companies have two choices — to cooperate or to stay siloed. Unfortunately, most do not cooperate but instead spends millions to develop their own technology because most innovations are proprietary. With Kambria, tech will be open to allow developers to build on current technology without having to start from scratch. Tokenomics are valuable because they incentivize collaboration. Users can participate in the open development model, gain tokens, and further increase the value of the community and advanced technology. Thanks to our reward system, everyone aims for long term alignment.

Kambria Karma is not an ERC20 token, but rather a non-tradeable ledger entry for wallet addresses. Kambria Karma is used to track actual work performed. It is also an incentive to promote useful work and is awarded for concrete contributions. There are many benefits to having Karma, including the possibility to share in Kambria’s revenue in the future.

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