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Berikan Protein Initiative

Berikan Protein Initiative is a non-profit organization pioneering innovative and technology-driven solutions to combat multidimensional malnutrition in Indonesia.

Vision Plan

Vision Plan builds innovation at scale for the private and public sectors using the world's leading methods and an international network of Change Agents.

The Football Foundation for Africa

The Football Foundation for Africa (FFA) is a social enterprise that seeks to drive investment in grassroots development in Africa, aiming to improve the quality of opportunities in football and through football on the...


Beehane LLC is an advisory firm for global businesses and investment groups. Their direct access to a wide network of technical and creative talent, founders, public decision

Vietnam Silicon Valley Foundation

Vietnam Silicon Valley (VSV) is a government-backed initiative launched in 2013 to create a supportive environment for startups in Vietnam. The Ministry of Science and Technology developed the initiative, which is executed by the VSV...