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What are Kambria tokens for?

Kambria tokens are necessary for interactions in Kambria ecosystem: Solution seekers: issue and award deeptech challenges, buy NFT IP licenses Innovators: earn tokens for developing deeptech solutions and licensing IPs Manufacturers: earn tokens through hardware...

KAT smart contract

KAT ERC20 contract address: 0x14da230d6726c50f759bc1838717f8ce6373509c – Exchange: KuCoin, Uniswap KAT BEP20 contract address: 0x3A9eED92422ABdd7566fbA8C34Bb74b3f656DBb3 – To be listed Audited & Certified By ShellBoxes ID :...

KAT supply

Update Feb 10, 2023: KAT BEP20 migration and conversion 2023 statistics Month Burned Minted (KAT BEP20) KAT BEP2 KAT ERC20 KAT BEP20 KYTE BEP20 KYTE ERC20 January, 2023 193,000 618,881 62,081,100 February, 2023 2,157,967 262,154 15,848 29,958,156 March, 2023 193,513...

KYTE smart contract

Exchange: PancakeSwap KYTE BSC contract address: 0x0995d8643645dd0cea60ab1acfa5ad2f642273d3

KYTE supply

Total supply 25,000,000 Circulating supply 3,378,313 (Dec 03, 2021)