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What are Kambria tokens for?

Kambria tokens are necessary for interactions in Kambria ecosystem: Solution seekers: issue and award deeptech challenges, buy NFT IP licenses Innovators: earn tokens for developing deeptech solutions and licensing IPs Manufacturers: earn tokens through hardware...


KAT KYTE Type ERC20 BSC Purposes Platform interactions & CEX Platform interactions (lower gas fee) & DeFi Exchange KuCoin PancakeSwap

KAT smart contract

Exchange: KuCoin KAT ERC20 contract address: 0x14da230d6726c50f759bc1838717f8ce6373509c

KAT Supply

Total distribution: 5 billion Total burned: 2.5 billion New supply: 2.5 billion In circulation: 1.3 billion

KYTE smart contract

Exchange: PancakeSwap KYTE BSC contract address: 0x0995d8643645dd0cea60ab1acfa5ad2f642273d3