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Here is our approach to build the token community.

As said, Kambria will be more suitable for long-term investors who can see the development of technology in the future.

So we will build our token community to nurture that spirit, by:

  • Bringing key stakeholders of Kambria ecosystem such as Innovators, Solution seekers, Token holders and other Partnerships to one place (Kambria Discord) so that they could be able to interact and exchange values.
  • Building Kambria DAOs communities also in Kambria Discord where DAO partners and anyone interested in the DAOs can join and share their ideas, opinions or proposals for the development of the DAOs. Moreover, we design Kambria Credit rewards for DAO activities so that anyone interested can become a DAO Council member by being active in the DAO.
  • Organizing Community Contests such as Deeptech Project / Expert / Innovative Organization Nomination and EdVid Creation so that we can grow Kambria Network and Knowledge Base from our own community. Moreover, the community can share and learn together to earn rewards and stay updated in the technology age.
  • Accelerating the adoption of Kambria tokens in Kambria DAOs’ interactions so that we can strengthen our tokenomics.

But we hope to keep our community healthy and positive along the run. So all the fudding, bad languages, spams, negativity… would be strictly prevented. Please understand that we will execute banning / muting these members without warning.

And the fomo is not recommended either. Of course we would love to see our tokens to the moon, but we don’t want to create wrong perceptions or expectations in the community, because we respect our community and don’t want to disappoint you.

Thank you for your understanding.