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Karma is another non-exchangeable point reward system in Kambria platform.

You can think of Karma as a reputation system that acknowledges your technology expertise by tracking all of the work and activities you’ve completed on Kambria. Karma is only awarded to users who have demonstrated clear understanding and have successfully completed their expertise activities. Users who have earned exceptionally high Karma will distinguish themselves as strong developers or experts in our network.

Karma will also increase your Expert Level on the Kambria Platform. The higher your Expert Level is, the more collaboration opportunities you will have access to.

Expert Levels

The exact number of Karma awarded for an activity will be informed in the activity announcement.

Example activities that award Karma are Code Challenges, Hackathons, EdVid creation and learning, Mentoring sessions, and Solution Development for Kambria DAOs… The idea behind Karma is that it will take effort and demonstration of your knowledge to attain.