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Year Month Updates
2022 December - Kambria Token Plan Update
- Ocean Cleanup Robot DAO - Accelerating Towards Circular Economy
November Mine Clearing Robot DAO Info Session
October Pet Care Robot DAO Info Session
September Implementing Kambria DAOs on XDAO
August - Mine Clearing Robot DAO – Community Action to Heal the Earth
- Pet Care Robot DAO – A Tech Savvy Community Takes Care Of Pets
June - Announcement of Kambria DAOs – A way to co-own a technology
- Innovative Organization Nomination Contest Launch
- Deeptech Expert Nomination Contest Launch
- Announcement of Quarterly Engagement Rewards
May - Deeptech Project Nomination Contest Launch
- Deeptech EdVid Creation Contest Launch
April Announcement of Migration from Telegram to Discord
January Starter Program Launch with Kambria Challenge “NFT IP Marketplace”
2021 December 2021 Year In Review & 2022 Roadmap: Global and Vertical Scaling
November - Community Monthly Contest “Technology Review”
- Kambria Token Swap Bridges
September - NFT IP Program Launch
- Website Update with Complete Open Innovation Model
- Token Plan updated Sep 2021
July Kambria EduKATion - Knowledge Base Launch
June KO Hackathon I Recap
May Project Portfolio Program Launch
April More Initiatives for Kambria 2021 Roadmap
January 2020 Year In Review & 2021 Roadmap
2020 August Kambria EduKATion - AI Course
May Kambria Rewards System
January Kambria Code Challenge
2019 December Kambria Progress Report: Part 1, Part 2
August Vietnam AI Grand Challenge Recap
July Kambria Open Innovation Platform Updates and New Website Launch
2018 December 2018 Year in Review Highlights
June Whitepaper