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Year Month Updates
2023 September Underwater Conservation Robot DAO Announcement
July Allocating Community Building Fund for Investments in Kambria DAOs
Join Kambria Innovation Quests: Earn XPs and Unlock Amazing Rewards
– Ocean Cleanup Robot DAO Launch event and Token Sale Alpha Campaign
June Announcement of Animal Kingdom NFT Collection Sale
Special Discount Program Announcement – Kambria DAOs Token Sale
– Pet Care Robot DAO Launch event and Token Sale Alpha Campaign
Announcement of Social Impact Innovation Alliance
NFT IPs of Technology solutions in Kambria DAOs
Mine Clearing Robot DAO – Dev Team Proposal submission (Submit HERE)
Ocean Cleanup Robot DAO – Dev Team Proposal submission (Submit HERE)
May Social impact investing with Kambria Pet Care | Mine Clearing | Ocean Cleanup Robot DAO
KAT BEP 20 listing
April Announcement of KAT BEP20 listing
Pet Care Robot DAO – Dev Team Proposal submission (Submit HERE)
March Ocean Cleanup Robot DAO Info Session
January 2022 Year In Review and 2023 Roadmap
How to become a DAO Council member by being active in the DAO?
2022 December Kambria Token Plan Update
Ocean Cleanup Robot DAO – Accelerating Towards Circular Economy
November Mine Clearing Robot DAO Info Session
October Pet Care Robot DAO Info Session
September Implementing Kambria DAOs on XDAO
August Mine Clearing Robot DAO – Community Action to Heal the Earth
– Pet Care Robot DAO – A Tech Savvy Community Takes Care Of Pets
June Announcement of Kambria DAOs – A way to co-own a technology
Innovative Organization Nomination Contest Launch
Deeptech Expert Nomination Contest Launch
Announcement of Quarterly Engagement Rewards
May Deeptech Project Nomination Contest Launch
Deeptech EdVid Creation Contest Launch
April Announcement of Migration from Telegram to Discord
January Starter Program Launch with Kambria Challenge “NFT IP Marketplace”
2021 December 2021 Year In Review & 2022 Roadmap: Global and Vertical Scaling
November Community Monthly Contest “Technology Review”
Kambria Token Swap Bridges
September NFT IP Program Launch
Website Update with Complete Open Innovation Model
Token Plan updated Sep 2021
July Kambria EduKATion – Knowledge Base Launch
June KO Hackathon I Recap
May Project Portfolio Program Launch
April More Initiatives for Kambria 2021 Roadmap
January 2020 Year In Review & 2021 Roadmap
2020 August Kambria EduKATion – AI Course
May Kambria Rewards System
January Kambria Code Challenge
2019 December Kambria Progress Report: Part 1, Part 2
August Vietnam AI Grand Challenge Recap
July Kambria Open Innovation Platform Updates and New Website Launch
2018 December 2018 Year in Review Highlights
June Whitepaper